Pedro’s Sweet Sativa by Weed MD2 min read

Hello, we’re going to look at Pedro’s Sweet Sativa today.

This is a good one, it made a good first impression on me.

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote the review and I can tell you, it’s memorable. Pedro’s Sweet Sativa has quality, sure, it’s the perception of value offered by this listing that lasts. The market is just now starting to balance out, thickening with competition but it’s easy to see how this offering garnered such a large following over the past year.

I won’t be back to it. You know how it is; way leading on to way, like this is some type heartbroken Robert Frost poem. But for those looking for a daily affair, this offering absolutely has potential to be your main thing… if there was a decent bulk discount associated with this listing, which there really isn’t. Quality of Pedro’s Sweet Sativa is all well and good, but at $10 per gram, long term, this becomes less of a poem and more of a Kanye West song featuring Jamie Foxx, which is a gold digger joke, for those not familiar with the music of 2005.

This is great cannabis from this legal producer. There’s value here, but only comparative to the competitors in the current market. Without a bulk discount, this is just occasional cannabis. And if it’s just an occasional expenditure, it’s tempting to spend the extra 33% for the offerings at the top of the market. Which at this quantity, turns out to be $10-15, arguably negligible.

Rate appears to be the competitive advantage here, but it’s cut short in the 3.5 gram package, which is also the segment with the greatest competition. So maybe the $39 eighth isn’t that attractive next to one priced $49, but start increasing the package size, I think you could get a competitive product with this quality, alongside a decent bulk discount. I also think consumers need a reliable product for a fair price, and this has the potential to be that.

The formal review is below, followed by the unboxing video. After that, I show a graph of the listings I can find for Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, which are only for 3.5 gram packages at the time of writing.

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