Arguably the best-looking cannabis I saw during the contest, this entry was the second one I reviewed. It’s trendy. During a usual review of Canadian retail cannabis, many of the cup wins associated with the offering we see are from the late 90’s, early 2000’s or earlier 10’s. This one has wins from last year (2018). So, like most notable American genetics with absolutely no presence in our legal recreational market, this Peanut Butter Breath is trendy, to me anyways.


Peanut Butter Breath is a Thug Pug invention, a cross of their specific Mendo Breath inbred cut and Archive’s popular Do-Si-Dos, Much of the lineage includes OG and cookie derivations, with the OG Kush Breath appearing on both the parental sides. While this maintains OG familiarity, it tends to reach into the lower tone fruits more than it reaches upwards, to the electric lemon and lime.

Guess on Cultivar

I thought this Thug Pug Peanut Butter Breath was actually Rare Danknesses’ Star Killer. Which is wrong, but not at all a bad guess if I can say so myself. Both cultivars are similar in the way that they are OG flavours paired with dank fruit, but the lineages are not at all the same. Moreover, if you had them side by side, I’m sure the differences between the two are more than appreciable.


The other note to make here is on olfaction criteria, and the weight placed on it. We used The Cannabis Sommelier’s criteria for this contest, which spans 4 categories, placing 20 points on each category, except for olfaction; that gets 40 points. Projection on this one was weak; its presence was abbreviated. So, when I went to rate the olfaction, I just didn’t have much to go on.

While the strict scent was a bit light, this Peanut Butter Breath serves as a good example of what’s called retro nasal olfactory sensation. When you taste something, you’re also sensing molecules that have moved from the oral cavity, back into the mucosa membrane responsible for olfactory sense. With smoke or vapour, this process is even more prominent. This Peanut Butter Breath had tastes that were quite potent and therefore, the olfaction I sensed while using it was more than adequate. So, you can check the score below, I rated it above average for every category, save for olfaction.

Cannabinoid Content

Note that this one lacks cannabinoid testing. Not sure what happened there, could just be my spreadsheet.

Perceived Strength

Final note to make is that we were asked to make a note about our perception of strength, which is not usually included in my reviews, but I was happy to do in this instance. I said this one was ‘bludgeoning’, which is my true experience. I found it cerebrally foggy, and I chose to describe it using the phrase ‘manifests massively’, which now in retrospect seems like good evidence of a foggy brain.

Some might summarize my description as an ‘Indica high’. But take it with a grain of salt, you don’t know if I wolfed a Big Mac, fries and a Coke before I reviewed this, because I’m a sucker for that Monopoly contest. As anyone that’s ingested 8 times the recommended amount of salt and fat at McDonald’s knows, a Big Mac and fries can lead to a very strong Indica high. Of course, modulated by the number of times your Monopoly stamps win. Which is a bad joke about terpenes and a reminder that there is no editor here on, so while not all my jokes are funny, they all make it into the review.

Thanks for reading this one, next week we check out a Purple Punch.

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