Looking at Passion Fruit today, this is Dutch Passion.

Background for this cultivar stems from a Sweet Pink Grapefruit and and Orange Bud.

Cannabinoid Content

You’re looking at the contest winner for THC content here. 

36% total cannabinoids, 35% was THC.

I’d done about 250 retail reviews so far. I’ve seen 30% cannabinoid content twice, once in California and once from CannTrust. I’d call it unusual. I certainly couldn’t call it impossible. I can’t really comment because I didn’t run these tests. But I do trust the people that did.

What I can tell you is the next highest cannabinoid content was the DreamSmasher Haze (25% total content) and the average of the contest was about 18%. This Passion Fruit entry nearly doubled the contest average. 



In a blind review, I called it comfortable and rated it about average. Olfaction showed a bit of a fiery side but I certainly didn’t gauge it as a strong flower. Visuals caused the highest detraction, this just didn’t have the development of the other entries.


Cultivar Guess

I guessed this one might be a ‘Banana OG type’ or a ‘Gelato type’. Both looser guesses, based on what I was familiar with around that time. Could have done much better, and much worse.


Big numbers aside, this was an enjoyable cultivar, it’s fruit forward with midrange of gassy gristle. Glad I saw it and I’ll be keeping a lookout for it in the future.  

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