Alright we’re on the highway now, gearing this big rig up for the long haul. Our today;s topic is Flower VKush. 

Was a little shaky getting here; one plant did really well, while the other had a bit of an issue with light, and overwatering.  It was operator error, and got to the point where I thought I might lose the seedling, but I propped it up on a toothpick and it came right back; catching up to its vigorous sister.

First, a few looks at the worst point. The photos are from a couple days after the last post, the stem is long, and the seedling is top heavy. I began to notice some bleaching occurring towards the centre, which I didn’t take as a good sign. Eventually the discolouration grew to the terminal end of the leaf, while the inner core returned to vibrant green. 

They stayed in their cups for a few weeks but once they looked close to normal, I transplanted them both to separate ten gallon airpots, and we are off to the races.

Hard part is over, for now. 


And now my favourite part of writing these; the gantt chart (below).

We are moving into vegetative growth, which I expect to occupy the longest section of time tracked here. Once this grow is over, the lengths of time displayed in this version will be short in comparison to the vegetative and flowering portions.

I like how this graph is coming together, I actually look at it to track the timeline for this plant. I hope that it helps quantify the timeline for a reader looking to grow this, or any cannabis plant.

Took me about a month to get it from seed to this stage, there is still some time to grab these seeds and follow along this summer.


I’ll be back once I can make some observations on these Flower VKush plants, maybe in a month or so.

By that time, I expect there will be enough vegetative growth to start cloning the better of the two plants, and shortly after, I’ll grow a few cuts indoors.

Looking ahead on the timeline, if all goes according to plan I should have indoor flower vkush by fall. I’m unsure when the outdoor plants will finish.

I’ve never completed an outdoor plant in this environment. Where I live, it is certain to see some amount of snow in October, and I’m unsure how far along these flower VKush plants will be when the weather starts to turn, but I’m going to find out the flower vkush.

Should be interesting, either way. 


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