Parkland Flower V Kush 1:1

Hey, pancakenap here, checking in on this Parkland Flower V Kush grow.

This is retail seed purchased from the Canadian legal market. The breeder is a smaller grower in Alberta, and I’m growing a balanced chemotype which they selected from Barney’s Farm’s Violator Kush.

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Grow Method

I’m growing two plants from feminized seed.

Both are being grown in soil, in a 10 gallon air pot on a raised deck, and both have grown within a tomato cage for support.

Fertilizer was given (about) monthly, and I found the plants need water once in every 24 hour period.

Measurements and Observations

After about 80 days of vegetative growth (including transition time), we are into flower now. Size and shape are both homogeneous for the two plants. If you look back to the seedling stage, one plant had an issue, while the other did not. Now they are impossible to tell apart.

I took some measurements on each. Both plants are 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

The lower leaves have been removed but it looks like I’ll need to prune again in mid-flower.

The lower sun leafs are losing their chlorophyll, and turning yellow. The temperatures are becoming colder at night, some of the apical nodes are becoming purple.

Adjacent RF x BP Grow

I’m also growing another plant that has a different lineage than these V Kushes, but I’m using this same grow method, and the same environment. I show the lineage below.

Both parents of this plant demonstrated longer internode space and tended to grow taller. Their progeny tends to be taller as well, and needs water more often than the Violators. 

This RF x BP plant is nearly 5 feet tall, and only 2.5 feet wide.

Its flowers are also purple, but most of the individuals I’ve grown from this cross have been purple, regardless of the temperature they are grown in.

Summer 2021 Conditions

Both plants fared well through the season.

In the past I’ve had to contend with Aphids in this location, but I didn’t see many this year. I also didn’t have a problem with any other pests or disease.


We experienced extreme heat at the end of June. The plants seemed to like it, and I kept them watered.


There was a pretty rough hail storm in August. Ravaged the seedlings and adolescent plants outside. The V Kushes just got a few broken leafs on the lowers, but no broken branches.

Fall Weather

At the time of writing, our area is starting to get frost warnings, and I can tell the plants aren’t really happy being out there at night. They look a little droopy in the pictures.

Frost warnings will become more frequent here on out, and we usually see snow by Halloween.

Flowering Period

We’re about 8 days into flower here, mid-September. I anticipate at least another 7 weeks for this to finish.  Doing the math, we’re probably into a mid-November finish.

Sun is cheap light, so I’ll keep these outside as long as I can, but I plan to bring them inside permanently within 2-4 weeks.

Gantt Chart

Here’s a dashboard I’ve been using to track time in this grow.

A few summary data points are included at the top. The gantt chart tracks the amount of time I spent on each task. The pie charts group time spent for each task and category (groups of tasks). Hover or tap any datapoint or legend to show more detail.

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Thanks for reading down this far!

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I’ll be back with another post as the plants start to form their flowers.

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