Flower V Kush

Checking out Parkland Flower V Kush this summer.

The listing notes this is a phenotype of Barney’s Farms Violator Kush, which is typically THC dominant. These seeds are 1:1(More), so they should produce plants that make even levels of THC and CBD.

The description calls  a true kush, which I expect means that Violator Kush’s soft, earthy profile shows up in this balanced chemotype.

Flowering Length

According to the listing, we’re looking at a 9 week flowering period, heavy yield, with autumn colours at the end.


Five feminized seeds were priced at $51.49 at the Alberta provincial retailer.


Going to germinate these seeds, maybe just a few, and sprout them in peat pucks.

From there I’ll likely put them in a small deep water culture hydroponic setup until they can be cloned.

That’s as far as I’m looking ahead right now. Will be back after they’ve germinated.


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