Hey pancakenap here, doing the final post in the Parkland Flower V Kush 1:1 grow.


Got a lot to get to, so let’s get to it.

First I’ll talk about my love for Barney’s Violator Kush and why I chose to grow this variety by Parkland Flower.

Next I’ll show pictures of the grow and tell you how I think I did.

Third, I entered this flower into a small home grow contest so I’ll review the results and some of the comments I received.

The story about why I love Barney’s Violator starts in Toronto.

Toronto, Ontario

I visited Toronto for a few days in 2016, it was my first time staying there overnight, and my significant other and I had a few days to see the city. This was before Canada’s legalization and there were a bunch of storefront dispensaries operating in the area that I really wanted to see. I began to walk around the city, visiting some dispensaries, and I actually got turned away from the first two. They weren’t accepting new patients from outside the province, wanting to focus on regular buyers. Fair enough.

So I felt partially defeated before finding another dispensary on Queen Street. When I entered the foyer I asked the person at the door if they were accepting new patients and they replied in a very matter-of-fact manner “we will sell cannabis to any adult with a government ID”. It wasn’t so much an offer to sell cannabis as it was a political statement. Either way, I was into it. I bought a gram of Blue Cheese for $12, and a gram of Violator Kush for $11.

I rolled some doobies and the rest of the day we walked the streets just taking in the sights. We caught a baseball game, and ate dinner at Piano Piano seated at the bar that faces into the kitchen. It was really a great time, and every time I smell Violator Kush I think of the city of Toronto and how great that day was.

Barney’s Farm Violator Kush

The flavour profile of Violator Kush is powdery soft, I find. That’s why I like it so much. The top notes of the profile are silky lavender, reminiscent of laundry fresh from the drier, balanced out by smooth earths.

I’ve never seen a CoA for Violator Kush, but I’d imagine it’s linalool heavy, likely with myrcene. Sidestepping the conversation on the ‘entourage effect’, I tend to accept the flavour profile as very soothing and calming; and the effects seem to stem from that belief. So when Parkland released a 1:1 version I thought it would be worth a try to find out if it has the Violator profile I love, with the balanced cannabinoid profile. 

The grow

Here’s a list of the posts that detail the grow of two V Kush plants.

For a quick refresher on the details in the above posts, I grew 2 of these plants in soil outdoors in Alberta. Once the weather got bad, I moved the plants inside under a 1000w halogen and a 2015 Mars Hydro light that I expect to break down (for the 3rd time) any day now.

After I took the plants down I dried the bud and placed it all in two large jars for curing. I’ve since left the cannabis in the jars, just pulling a bud out every time I want to use it.

Next I write a quick qualitative review on one of the phenotypes.

Qualitative Review

The flowers appear longitudinal in shape and rounded towards the top. The flowers I grew are very leafy. To get at the actual node you have to trim away much of the volume of the bud.  The phenotype I review today shows slight violets at the leaf, but the other remained green. Both plants I grew displayed this leafy morphology, in varying degrees.

Cutting right to it; this bud looks like schwag. I’m not surprised to be saying this, because I’ve grown plants in this location every year and it always looks like this. Even if I bring the plants inside at the start of October and put them under a 1000w HPS, it don’t fucking matter; they still end up like this. I’m sure there’s a solution or modification to employ that would help a photoperiod grow properly in my location, but instead this year I am going to run auto-flowers out there and see if I can get better development.


Feels fine.


The aroma is primarily smooth earths with some secondary notes of skunky herbs. There’s a hint of powdered lavender in the mix that brings some familiarity to the profile.


In the flavour, you get the smoothed earths, as noted in the scents, with the skunky herbal tone, but hulked up so it takes over the profile. Character resides in the earthy green tones, somewhat familiar to a Cannatonic, further away from my memories of Barney’s Violator Kush.


Typically I mix the flower with THC dominant flower to add some CBD to the mix. I also made some hash out of one of the phenotypes and will also use it mixed with a THC dominant flower.

How close is it to THe flavour of Barney’s Violator Kush?

Kinda close at the start, but not familiar enough to take me back to Toronto. I’d tell you the profile is headed in the right direction, but has some unfamiliar baggage in tow that took over the softer aspects of the Violator profile.

Will you grow it again?

Shit yeah, I still have 3 seeds. I doubt I’ll ever try it outdoors again, but I’d give it a go indoors using hydroponics. I’d be interested to see how the quality changes; I usually get a better product indoors.


I entered the other V Kush flowers into The Canadian Legal Enough Weed Slam Invitational, which is organized by Squid Pants. This is small home grown contest where each entrant kicks in an ounce to be judged by a panel. The contest is double blinded and we follow a point based criteria to decide the winner. 

Here’s the contest outcome, you can see the V Kush 1:1 placed 6th. Having seen the entire spectrum of quality from this contest, I’d relate 6th is pretty darn good.

I actually made two entries to this contest, the other being Race Fuel x Black Pineapple, which placed 8th of the 16 entries. To add some context, both plants were grown using the same method (outdoor sun with fall indoor transfer) and the V Kush seemed to be preferred between the two.

Contest Details

Below, I have a small dashboard that summarizes how this VKush did in the contest.

Overall, the contest winner got 52.3 points, or 27% more than the points awarded to my grow of the VKush.

We entered two offerings of retail cannabis to serve as benchmarks, these were Homestead Blue Dream and Good Supply Starwalker Kush. My grow of Parkland Flower V Kush failed to beat the Homestead Blue Dream benchmark but did beat the Good Supply Starwalker Kush entry.

In terms of the entire spectrum of points awarded, VKush turned out to be average, nearly equidistant between the maximum and minimum values awarded during the contest.

Individual Evaluations

Nine people saw my entry, 5 gave it below average points; 4 above. The lowest points I received was 20, which is below the average score awarded to last place in this contest (29.4). Highest points I received was 52, or just 0.3 points below the average score awarded to first place. 


This is a blinded contest, so we asked each judge to guess what they were smoking. This VKush received 3 guessed; ‘Kush?’ (which was a pretty good guess), ‘Jack Herer’ (getting a bit wilder), and ‘Fruity Flavour like Blue Dream’ (which I don’t see, but hey? Everyone is different).


We also accept comments about the entry for each judge. These are open ended and could be anything. Here’s the ones I got, and I make comments on each:

I liked the mango notes” – I wonder if what I interpret as ‘smoothed earths’ some might interpret as mango. I suspect both are meant to suggest myrcene.

Better tri would have gone a lone way” – I surmise this to mean ‘better trim’ but both work. A better try would have helped, and the trim on my entry was rough to say the least.

Nice and strong – good job – great aroma” – A comment left by an encouraging person. There was a ton of room to do better but this judge saw the bright side.

Did not get me high. So much in the bag I had a second joint and got a little buzz, and went out over and over when trying to smoke” – I found this comment interesting because I thought they may have picked up on the balanced content. I’ll talk about their comment on the burn next.

Combustion Comments

I got one comment about improper burn and the joint going out, which is a fairly common comment from people who try my stuff, or the one I’m most concerned about. I don’t flush my cannabis, either in hydro or soil. I also don’t typically smoke cannabis, I much prefer a vaporizer, but I want my flower to be appreciated by people who smoke, so I’m always interested in the comments on combustion.

Most of the judges in this contest chose to smoke their cannabis in a joint (71%). We didn’t fix any other variable, so judges could choose any size or thickness rolling paper. For the judges that smoked, we asked them to rate the combustion performance and, check it out, the top two entries were mine!

I have aspirations of good combustion, but I struggle with the relevance of the measure in my own cannabis use. The detractions in taste and functionality don’t transfer to vaporizing in a parallel way. I too am concerned with a harsh taste but not to the same magnitude and likely, from a different source of error. Either way, I think there is a way to measure functionality for both methods of use, but as combustion continues to be the dominant method of use, measuring performance of combustion through ash colour and whether it stays lit will continue to be a popular detraction to mention.


Let’s wrap this post up.

I grew Parkland Flower’s V Kush 1:1 last year. I had a specific idea of the flavour profile I wanted, and I feel like the flavour profile I got hit the mark in some ways, but missed the mark in other, larger ways. Flower morphology wasn’t appreciable but that’s likely more to do with the grow, probably. I entered this V Kush into a grow contest and it placed 6th of 16. It was also favoured, on average, by the judges for performance while combusting.

I kept the clones from this grow, but trashed them after harvest. I’m looking forward to rolling the dice on the remaining seeds in this package and growing the flowers indoors to see if I can get a result closer to the desired flavour profile.

Thanks for reading this series of posts!

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