Hey pancakenap here. Checking in mid-flower with Parkland Flower’s V Kush. Which is their CBD dominant selection from Barney’s Violator Kush.

Quick recap on the grow

Two plants were grown outdoors in soil over the summer from feminized seed. Both plants were transferred indoors mid-October due to weather conditions.  One plant is being grown directly under a HPS lamp, while the other is spaced between the HPS and a blurple LED light.

I expect these plants will continue ripening until the first or second week in November. 

They Stink

Both plants really stink. I use an exhaust fan paired with a sensor to kick air out of the space when humidity gets to a certain point. When the fan isn’t running the back flow from the space is pretty rank. 

Up close, the scent of both plants is similar, but nondescript. I get spicy gas and funky earths from it, and I’m looking forward to see how the soft kush tones come out when I’ve dried and cured it.

Structure Varies

Or at least it does amongst the two individuals I’m growing.

I usually grow using deep water or nutrient film hydro, where I typically get plump buds with a proud surface that’s easier to trim across. Both these Violators lean leafier, so I expect trim labour to be more difficult than usual and I expect I’ll be able to make a bunch of hash from the trim. The reason for this may be phenotypic, but I’d probably bet on environment and grow method (it’s not them, it’s me).

Within the two plants, one is very leafy, and has made smaller sized buds which are very resinous. The other, while still leafly, has begun to pack on the weight in the last few weeks and developed a conical shape in its upper nodes. I suspect low temperatures in September and October may have played a role against development here, both plants flowered at temperates around 0C before they were brought inside.

Droopy Branches

Despite my comments on how the structure seems to be developing, the weight of the buds is having an effect on the plant. The lower branches are drooping to the side and beginning to bend downwards. If I were outdoors, I’d worry about them snapping with the wind. Indoors its probably going to be fine but I might have to tie some back before the plant fully ripens.

Some Bugs, No other Major Problems

I brought these plants in from the outside, to the indoors. Which I always say I’m not going to do again but always seem to do anyways.

Saved a few cool looking slugs living in the soil, but also brought in a whole ecosystem of flies and other insects. Some of which have died on the lower sun leafs, and some within the sticky trichomes of this plant. Another thing to watch out for during trimming.

No other major problems occurred so far. No stem rot or powdery mildew was seen on either plant.


Here’s a dashboard I’ve been using to track time in this grow. The dashboard is live, it updates every day, but the pictures do not. So the days reflected in the gantt may not match up to what you see in the pictures.

A few summary data points are included at the top. The gantt chart tracks the amount of time I spent on each task. The pie charts group time spent for each task and category (groups of tasks). Hover or tap any datapoint or legend to show more detail.

Thanks for reading this post!

I’ll be back with an update after the plants have dried, and I’ll use the yield data with the timeline data to create a new dashboard for yield on this grow.


I’ve taken the plants down. Trimmed the remaining sun leafs off and the plants are hanging to dry.

Here are pictures of both V Kush plants before I cut them down.

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