V kush

Update on the previous post where I just went over the purchase and unboxing of these 1:1 seeds by Parkland Flower(Parkland Flower V kush 11-2).

I chose to germinate 2 of the 5 seeds.

Waited a couple of days before starting to germinate them, as you’ll see, they both formed good tap roots within 12 hours.


Parkland directs you to add these seeds to distilled water in a cup, but I’m not using the directions provided on the box.

I think the directions work, I’m not using them because I’m germinating multiple seeds, that are different varieties. And I don’t want to use multiple cups.

I use two plates, two paper towel sections, and tap water (notes given in captions below).


Now that I’ve used this method, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for these Parkland seeds V kush. Reason being, I don’t open or touch the paper towel for 48 hours, to keep it clean. But the Parkland seeds have germinated faster than the other seeds, so I had to touch the towel to pull them out.

In retrospect, it may have been easier to keep the two groups separate, and used the directions shown on the package.

As you can see in the picture below, both V Kush 1:1 seeds have formed tap roots long enough to be placed in a medium.

I’ll transfer these into peat pucks and be back when they’ve formed cotyledons.


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