We have Outlaw Amnesia today, I anticipate a high strung sativa, but I’m not actually sure what makes it an outlaw. But I am going to use this sativa at night, which pretty much makes me an outlaw.

This is another Acreage Pharms offering, we’ve reviewed 4 so far. Three were crappy, and one was acceptable. They say two out of three ain’t bad. We’re at 1 out of 4 so, ipso facto, it ain’t been ain’t bad (it’s been bad).

Acreage produced this offering in a speciality indoor facility in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, right in Alberta. I checked the Acreage Pharms website to see what the difference between a special indoor facility and a warehouse, but left empty handed. We don’t review built form here, we just want to know if the weed is special.

Acreage first listed this offering on their medical side as Outlaw Amnesia, now it is listed as OA at both recreational and medical stores.

Coincidentally, a breeder called Dutch Passion offers an Outlaw Amnesia, it’s a cross of Amnesia and Super Silver Haze. Because these two cultivars have notable tastes, if this is Outlaw Amnesia, I should be able to taste it.

For the record, really excited about the prospect of trying Dutch Passion’s Outlaw Amnesia— I care less about trying Acreage Pharms’ OA. Check back to Tweed’s DNA Genetics line, quality aside, we never have to mess around with rebranding like this.

The vendor describes OA as a ‘sativa dominant haze strain’ and notes its ‘immediate onset’ and ‘strong taste’, we’ll keep an open mind.

Active content range of this offering ranged from 13 to 19% THC (0-1% CBD), the actual package received has 16% THC and a minimal 0.04% CBD.

Date packaged was March 12 2019 and we review it 74 days later.

This vendor gives relative terpene content. This offering supposedly has 42.9% myrcene and 23.7% pinene, so while I don’t anticipate anything exotic here, I’m hoping for a bit character. Again, relative terpene measurements say little about the actual amount of terpene content, so I’m not sure how well this will pronounce.

Anyways, this is going to go the way its going to go, let’s just get to it.

Visuals are poor, buds are mostly small and rather unassuming. I purchased a one gram package so perhaps we can lend them the benefit of the doubt, these may have been dismantled from a large bud. Either way, its a sprawl of small buds, not much to see here.

Despite being a bit dry, the buds are fairly robust and require quite a lot of force to disintegrate by hand. They’re not fragile by any measure.

Grinds look really good actually. I poked around and made the video, I think I zoom in on the same thing twice, otherwise, there’s essentially nothing to see.

Super Silver Haze has this fairly prominent note that dominates the profile, and you can smell it in spades here. I’m pretty convinced this is Dutch Passion’s Outlaw Amnesia.

Scent of these flowers are haze forward. The skunky twang from the Super Silver Haze is seemingly fortified by crisp citrus fruit and slight berry. It’s progressive but not aggressive, I anticipate this may get a bit more wild in the vaporizer, but right now it’s pretty friendly.

Heat from the vaporizer does bring the haze notes into the profile. It’s fairly uniform, achieving good balance with the fruits, spices and skunks. Instead of blended, the profile seems compartmentalized, each facet of its character perceivable against the other. After some use, I feel like the Super Silver tastes stick proud of the rest, this could lead to multiple interpretations but I think it’s safe to say its familiar to most aficionados seeking haze tastes.

Pronunciation is adequate, but not great. With use, the taste tapers off but still offers decent longevity. This isn’t going to blow you out of the water, but I did feel like it was a good introduction to the cultivar.

Price on this single gram was $12.99, a shade above the average price for single grams in the store. I’m floppy about it, you could do better, you could do worse. Honestly, the best thing this has going for it is that it might be the Dutch Passion cultivar. Otherwise, I think you can get similar flavours from MedReleaf’s Harmonic (Amnesia CBD) or a Jack Herer; those that are mycrene dominant with a pinene secondary terpene.

Let’s check prices elsewhere.

Grow your own. I spent some time reading grow reviews for this cultivar, some are really attractive, people who grow it seem to mention they keep it around for next season. Dutch Passion says this requires a 12 week flower indoors. Yields are 500 grams per square meter, meaning, in a 2’x3′ tent (6 square foot area) a plant could gr The listing doesn’t indicate a potential for outdoor growth, only greenhouse. I wouldn’t try this in Canada personally, I’d imagine Southern latitudes are necessary to allow this to flourish fully.

Can I interest you in HPPS from Bloomsbury Publishing? No? Oh, that’s just my way of saying Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. Kinda annoying, hey? It’s like Madonna’s Like a Virgin is sold as: LaV produced by Nile Rogers. But LaV doesn’t sound like the real thing and Madonna doesn’t even get mentioned.

Was cool to try the Dutch Passion cultivar, but desk research (and faith) was required to make the connection from OA. Otherwise, I feel it’s capable of moderate enjoyment, depending on your pain threshold for price. There is some value here, albeit low, at the price I purchased it at.

If you think the naming described here was a poor choice, hold that thought, at least AP gave us a semblance of a hint. Tomorrow, we’ll review an offering showing as Blueberry Kush for the title, but the actual cultivar is listed as Shishkaberry. So check back tomorrow for that confusing train wreck.

Thanks for reading my work!


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