Plagued by numerous detractions on visuals and taste, the overall quality of Original Stash’s Sativa negates the 50% discount off the average price I’ve paid for a 3.5g package.

Hey pancakenap here, we’re doing a general sativa, by Original Stash. Which I think is one of 5 of HEXO’s dried cannabis brands.

This is marked as sativa, and no other identifying information is given.

Buyer Motivation

I bought this at Value Buds in Calgary, and it was just an impulse buy after getting a different recommendation from the budtender. I asked for a recommendation deep in the value side, and this is what was picked.

Motivation was price. 


I received a collection of untrimmed buds of various sizes. Looks are very unappealing. Few neutral elements, many more detractions and things to be concerned about. Trim is poor. Size ranges from medium to larfy smalls. Stem is present on some buds, and the trichomes tend to be dark amber.


Feels crunchy, but will still impress.


Smells like a mix of good and bad. Weak florals and sweet herb characterize the profile. I also get a subtle dusty tone from the package.


Tastes musty in some areas. Otherwise the flavour profile is sweet, floral fruits with a slight funky herbal tone. In some sections of the package, an oxidized flavour surpasses any taste present. 


I called this product ‘bad’ across all qualitative dimensions I rank on. 


With the worst qualitative score possible, value is calculated as below average. After first using this product I considered throwing it out, so I feel like the actual value might be lower than what was calculated. 


Although the price was so low, I found the quality disappointing, so the discount bordered on negligible at the worst points, and inconsequential at the best. 

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