Really liked this one, Orange Push Pop.

I’d tell you the funny thing about Cali-O or Tangie crosses is they don’t sound great in the description. To me, the thought of the orange flavour, mixing with, and overtaking every other flavour in the profile, sounds rather boring to me. But when I go to try them, I end up loving every one. And this was no different.


This is a Seed Junky bred cultivar, and is an Orange Cookies (Orange Juice x GSC) with a Triangle Kush backcross.

Buyer Motivation

Strain name


Great visuals here. Buds are Indica hybrid, forming bulbous growth at the node, each looking like a differentiable section. Trim is good, there’s not an errant leaf on it. Coverage is good, the bud has a frosty appearance, which occludes the deeper greens making up the flower behind.


Feel is soft but becoming firm a the node.


Scent showcases an abbreviated orange tone, surrounded by a flurry of secondary notes, but the orange centralizes the profile, dampening the top end and pulling up the bottom. The mix is homogenous. Character seems to expand on its original dimension, instead of showcasing multiple elements in linear fashion.


Taste is tangie-like. The orange notes are watered down and the earth tones have more depth, some Mediterranean wood and earthy spice. Secondary notes of rubber and soil appear if you really look into it; still, character is very much like a Tangie.

Value Statement

At $8.80 per gram with no bulk discount, price is fairly attractive, but favours smaller purchases.


Tastes, and overall quality of this flower leave en excellent impression. I’d look at this cultivar again, and also the grower.

Consumer Benefits

Accessible profile with some interesting tastes, or a new spin on the Tangie tastes. Affordable entry price.

Consumer Pains

Wanting to go back and buy more.


Breeder. Name. Parental generation.


Payment options and other issues re: vendor type.

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