Hey pancakenap here, with Orange Kush Cake, as grown by one of my favourite legacy growers, The Uphill Gardener. 


Here’s the lineage that was given by the vendor: (Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean) x ( Sour Tangie x Roze Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp)

This is bred by Ethos.


The buds make a great impression. Both are large in size, with different shapes. One appears more longitudinal, jutting out in where the nodes are placed along the stem. The other is wider throughout, coming to a pyramidal tip. 


Although dense, the buds are soft and spongey. 


Tight sweets define the top notes, piercing, in staccato. The body envelops into a skunky orange with a minty earth tone. Smells like an old foot with citrus mint moisturizer applied.


Taste is smooth sweet icing sugar with plastic orange tone. It’s ultra sweet, in high magnitude. Very unique.

I’d tell you the character of this profile resides in the ultra sweet icing, and the vinyl orange tone. I usually really like a tangie flavour; this one is turned up to another level and it’s closer to what you’d see from a fruity haze.


I don’t know if this cultivar met my taste reference. It was a bit too extreme in some strange places.

Regardless, quality was top notch. I gave it the best ranks throughout the criteria, making for an A+.


Probably the most interesting part of this review is price.

For the 3.5 gram package, sale price was $40.45, or $11.56 per gram. That’s 30% off the regular price of $57.79, which is comparable in price to the Qwest Reserve items I’ve reviewed, but not in quality.

Value for this review was calculated as ‘above average’


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