Ontario Genetics’ Puppy Dog OG Rosin

Donfazool gifted me 12 regular seeds of Puppy Dog OG, which was bred by Ontario Genetics.

Big thanks to donfazool for the gift, and for all the flower they’ve donated for reviews.


I am not sure of the parents of Ontario Puppy Dog OG, only that the original mother was pollenated using the paw of the breeder’s puppy dog.


All 12 seeds were grown in a 3’x2’ space using deep water hydroponics. The population was thinned down to 6 plants during the vegetative cycle. The plants were flowered and two males were discovered. The larger male was kept, and the other culled. The remaining male was allowed to pollenate the 4 remaining Puppy Dog OG plants, and then the male was also culled.

The female plants finished flowering within 70 days, with the largest and highest yielding female finishing in 63 days. The flowers were dried, and separated from the seeds using a trim bin.


The material that fell through the trim bin was placed in a pre-press, and compressed with a hand clamp. After a preliminary press at 30% pressure, the dry sift material was pressed at 180f for about 3 minutes.

The rosin was collected, and I will now describe the smell, and tastes in this quick review.


Frontage on these scents are a mix of sweet pine, with a resinous floral tone; it’s busy with nut and spice, with gritty herbs on the back end, as it proceeds down into tart berry and earths with crisp fruit. The sweet herby pine note characterizes the profile, pulling the secondary notes into the pine tinge.


Flavours maintain the floral resonance with a thin layer of petrol, with pine, and broad, comfortable earths. The pine stays central, but the inclusion of the floral tones with the thick resin makes it a heavily modified OG.

Offer for Seed Gift

In Memoriam of Ontario Genetics, Puppy Dog OG’s breeder, the seeds made during the grow described above are to be gifted to any adult willing to grow them. The intention here is for this line to carry on, and for people to enjoy Ontario Genetic’s creation.

I have about 100 packages of Puppy Dog OG, each with >6 regular seeds. These seeds come in a micro centrifuge tube. When printing is completed, I’ll include a small card depicting Ontario Genetics’ puppy dog, as drawn by a local artist.

Gift Protocol

The Cannabis Act allows personal gifts of cannabis, up to a set amount, per day, and I must adhere to those rates. I’ll also take the necessary steps to make sure the seeds are gifted to people above legal age. The gift seeds are free, no money will be exchanged.

If you are local to Calgary, Alberta, I can gift you these seeds in person. Email me here or message me on twitter to arrange a date and time. Bring your ID.

If you require these seeds to be mailed to you, please mail enough stamps for me to return a regular sized letter to you. Email me here, or message me on twitter, I still need to confirm your age.

PO BOX 99900 EJ 433 282


Grower Info

The seeds are regular, they will make both male and female plants. Growers of these seeds will need to identify, and remove the male plants.

The plant grows like a sativa-leaning hybrid. I assume all seeds will produce THC dominant plants.

I found it grew easily indoors. I believe the plant’s breeder also grew this outdoors in Ontario. If I were to grow this plant outdoors, I would do so in a pot, so I could move it inside at the end of the growing season, if necessary.

I used a trellis when growing this plant. Internode space is longer, I’d recommend using a trellis, cage, or stakes when growing this plant.

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