Hey pancakenap here, doing OGEN’s Space Flight Superstar #11.

When I first grabbed this I wondered if it wasn’t an original creation from Ogen, turns out its probably Jet Fuel Gelato.



Poor visuals. Mix of shrapnel. Clearly well developed but small buds. With about 200mg of shake. Some of the buds are trimmed poorly, I’d relate it’s to a level where size matters more.


Buds are dense and chewy, can take some good force.


Has a slight soured fruit smell with some high strung gas. The profile isn’t loud or noticeable but the gas note, while almost imperceptible, ends up being quiet penetrating. You can still smell it after you close the jar.

Once ground the buds have the gassy pine of an OG, with a sweet earthy mix, which is very subtle. Much of the character here exists as fierce OG tones with a wealth of fuel.


Tastes are pine and a staggering breath of hydrocarbon flavours, with a vinyl tone that characterizes the finish. The midsection of the profile has a sweet earthy inflection, before the vinyl tone proceeds. The leave is dirty, giving it a burnt plastic feel, that is off-putting before the olfactory response kicks in.

Longevity is ok but the sheer magnitude of the hydrocarbon aspect is immense; it’s abusive. At first use, this made me perspire around the nose and eye area.


Doesn’t make a great first impression, like some OGEN product but the flavour profile is undeniable if you like this sort of character.

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