Hey pancakenap here, with Dosi-GMOsi, by OGEN.

Like the Bacio Punch, I think this is another cross created by OGEN. Parents are said to be Skunk Master Flex’s GMO (I assume, there are many copies) with Archive’s Do-Si-Dos.


Small buds with good structure. Looks like a larger bud dismantled. Great surface detail on most. One or two are smaller with scant development.


Pretty good. Buds are thin and small so don’t have much give.


Sulphurous pine with gritty earths. Makes an enormous first impression but it’s not lasting.


Tastes are full, resinous earths with acetone edges. The sulphur seems trapped in the earth tones, making them feel foggy. With use in the vaporizer, the profile clarifies into sharp fuel with resinous earths.


Bought it at Value Buds. Price was just under 10% less than the average I’ve paid for a 3.5g package. Value was calculated to be well above average which I wouldn’t dispute, $29 is a bit more than I’d like to pay but I feel like I got more for it. Plus any value derived from exclusivity. 


Felt you got more Dosi than GMO, just by the tastes I’d guess the mother of this cross was Archive’s Do-Si-Dos.

I felt like it was a risky phenotype to run; the buds make a poor first impression, plus the tastes are a bit more aggressive. It’s not as safe as running a big bud that tastes sweet and earthy.

I don’t know if it was my favourite but I certainly appreciated it. I ranked it in the upper 25% of my list, where it is 4th best of all the OGEN products I’ve tried so far. Despite having smaller bud size throughout their packages I’ve purchased, they do fairly well on my list.



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