Hey there, doing Ogen’s dosi-GMOsi #13 today. Got a few particulars to run through on this one so let’s get to it.

This retail Cannabis was gifted to me, I didn’t buy it

Every review I’ve done so far was bought at a store for a specific price. I tie that data point back to the average set by all reviews, and cite the variance between the two. It’s kinda my thing. Not this review though. The cannabis used in this review was provided by the producer, or someone with the producer. It was shipped to me with a box of other merchandise. The cannabis had a plastic seal and an excise stamp on it. I want these reviews to be relevant to the consumers reading them, so it looks like what’d you’d buy in the store, but I’m keeping a healthy degree of scepticism as far as visuals and bud size.

Context for price is a bit different in this review. I didn’t buy this cannabis. Maybe someone did, but I’m not sure for what price or at what store. For the price section, I’m just going to bring in the market data from CannStandard. We’ll give you the average price and a standard deviation on each side. That’ll give the reader (you) a price target for a ‘good price’.

The other measure I track is days in package. These have packaging dates and so ‘days in package’ will be difference between the date shown and the day I received them. Ogen gives another layer of information via their lot # tracker, so I’ve added some additional information from that as well.

I’m choosing to do this review, the producer isn’t asking me to. I’m certain they chose to gift me this because they hoped I would, but I fully get the idea I could have accepted this cannabis and fucked right off with no hard feelings.

So there’s all the ways this review might be compromised. There was also some benefit with sourcing the cannabis through the people that made it, such as being able to ask about the genetic source.


You might be able to gather from the name that this is Archive’s Dosidos with a GMO. Archive also has an offering (Yuck Mouth) with this lineage I asked Ogen about it and they said yep, they brought a package of Archive’s Yuck Mouth in with their license. 

Archive Seed Bank

Archive created the Dosidos from an In House offering (OG Kush Breath) and their flagship at the time, Face Off OG.

You can check out Archive’s website to see they’ve got a ton of crosses based on their Dosidos. One of them is called Yuck Mouth, which we review here today, but let’s read Archive’s description to gain some insight on what we might see from Ogen’s production.

Archive Yuck Mouth

The breeder describes this offering generally as “rancid rotten tooth” “halitosis funk”, which you can expect from a GMO cross. Next they note that some phenotypes display a mix of the rancid notes and “the gassed up incensed flavours of the Dosidos” while others are “just putrid Chem D, DawgWalker type terps”.

If you find that description interesting, you might find value in Ogen brining these seeds to the market and doing some phenotyping on them. Did Ogen pick a putrid phenotype or did they get the gassed up incense? Is there even any difference between the phenotypes? Did they just grow the seeds and ship it out randomly?

Breeder Descriptions and Buyer Motivations

I think it’s an interesting proposition to the consumer that no producer rarely uses, even the ones that are licensed with the breeder –they just slap the logo on it. While I’m throwing around the negativity, let’s be fair, Ogen doesn’t tell you about the source here, you had to ask them. But still, the breeder story and description a potential channel towards your cannabis offering that’s not really used in Canada. I’m sure it’s due to licensing or whatever but it takes something away from the consumer experience when you don’t have it.

Licensing is a solution. The solution I’d rather see is more Canadian breeders being involved. Whether it be legacy genetics coming in with the actual breeder working alongside. Or new Canadian genetics made in-house by the producer. We’ve had a few instances of both; Next Generation and Parkland Flower for the former and I’d suggest Habitat Life as an example of the latter, I believe their offerings are crosses their team made. I’m sure there are other examples out there too, but I’d like to close this part out and get to the review: Paramount to the ‘craft experience’ is the consumer having a connection with the product’s creator or artist. You spark that connection by telling the story on how and why the product was created, while noting the work that went into it. There’s a ton of room to do this with cannabis, and virtually nobody does.

Unboxing Video

I started doing unboxing videos again. I think they’re good for people who aren’t so concerned with my opinion and just want to see the cannabis pop out of the package.

The only issue with the videos this time around is I cannot find chopsticks anywhere. So we’re going to have to order sushi or Chinese here soon and I’ll be back to doing these properly.

Consistency and Weight

I got to open two packages of the #13. Both packages were fairly consistent with the first package looking slightly better in size and structure. In the details, both were pretty much the same. My scale showed they were within 0.01g of each other (3.55g and 3.54g).

Date Packaged

Date packed is shown as March 23 2022. I received it July 18 2022, making for 117 days in the package. The average is about 104 days currently, so we’re just above average on this measure.

I’m posting this August 9 2022, so I took about 22 days to take the photos, and write and publish the review.

Cure Time

Ogen gives some extended information about this grow via a lot # lookup tool. Cure time is shown as 4 days. Harvest was Feb 22 2022 and the cannabis was packaged in late March, so there could be something off with the math there. 

Terpene Content

Was shown as 1.7% in total. Dominant in Caryophyllene (~1/3 of all terpenes shown, includes humelene). They have 15 terpenes shown on the list.

Cannabinoid Content

24% THC, 0.056% CBG, 0.049% CBD


Interesting shape and trichome coverage make a fairly good impression. Stigmas seem to furrow past the trichome matrix to create a hairy surface. Shape is slender with some foxtails, which appear blunted and more rounded. There are many nooks and crannies, looks like a real pain to trim.


Feel is good. Despite being quite thin, there is some density to these buds which brings good structure. You can’t break them apart with a pinch, and it’s fairly chewy when you try.


Grinds to a fairly uniform mix of cohesive particles.


Aroma on this offering gets pretty aggressive; pine with fuel and earth of a typical OG, all tied to a brash earthy sulphur tone. The note is short but not sweet, and brings the profile towards something that I’d describe as a really gnarly OG profile.


Gassy earth frontage; like OG without the pine. Soft doughs, offset by skunky acetone characterize the profile. The dough notes are deep with notes of lavender.

With use the profile shifts away from the volatile gas and towards the softer side. Putrid notes appear with the gas, boosting it up, and again on the finish, giving you halitosis.

I’d generalize the flavour as a cookie, OG Kush type cross, with a gnarly side from the GMO, which accents but doesn’t define the profile.

Consumption Notes

I get a few more cycles than normal out of this and really enjoy how it loses the GMO funkiness and dries into a Do-Si-Dos character.


Based on the taste, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone just starting out with cannabis. If you’re into OG or cookie-OG hybrids, I’d recommend this to you. This takes what you’re already enjoying and twists it up with some outlandish funk. It’s a bit much, so ain’t going to be your main thing, but it’s a nice affair.

Consumer Benefits

Funked up OG cross. Weird shaped buds without having to trim them.

Consumer Pains

Container performance on a hot day is low. You couldn’t chuck this in your backpack and ride the bus without changing the atmosphere inside that space.

Attractive Elements

Breeder and prior experience with the producer.


I typically buy Ogen product in the $29-$35 range, I’d tell you that’s a good deal for their products in the 3.5g format.

We tracked sell-through for this specific item in July 2022 to make the chart below. The average sales price for this item is about $38. You might be able to find it around $34, which is a good price, but you’re more likely to find it above the average price, into the $40s. Most of the sell-through we observed in July happened above the average shown, so just keep that in mind if you’re searching for this item. 


Thanks for reading the post. Thanks to Ogen for providing the cannabis and the swag.

Check out all my reviews of Ogen product here, including a previous review for the #6 phenotype of dosi-GMOsi. They actually provided me the updated version as well, so look out for that over the coming weeks.

If you like Archive Seedbank, check out this review of Dank Dough grown by Comrade Bubba or Rainbow Driver grown by @donfazool

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