Reviewing an unbranded shatter product here.

Check back to my other reviews of legal shatter products. This is legacy shatter, so price and quality are the interesting points to compare back to the legal reviews.

Quick note outside the usual scope of my reviews, the package isn’t sealed at the bottom. So when you go to rip the top open, the envelope falls right out the bottom. Just a mistake; but this one is a big deal. I did not appreciate some of the potentials associated with the non-functional packaging. 

Quality of OG Kush

At the time of writing, I’d relate the legal offerings I’ve seen weren’t as good as this one. Much of my feeling behind that statement goes to taste; neither legal product had much of a taste, and in comparison, this has a lot.


This is billed as an OG Kush. I’d bet my bottom dollar it’s actually a Ghost Train Haze, which has a very specific taste.

I mention this because, at the time of writing, there is no ‘strain specific’ shatter available, it’s all Indica/Sativa designations. 


The cost of this product was $31 per gram, and I’d say the cost of a gram of shatter from a legal provider is about $50.

Part of why I write this blog is to highlight areas where the legal market has better quality and price than the legacy market, but it doesn’t always work out that way.


This legacy shatter was cheaper and better quality than the legal shatter I’ve reviewed.

The sentiment on the product is poor. Although the quality is good, it’s not one of the many cultivars that could be considered an OG Kush. Instead, it tastes like an OG Kush cross; and, one that is not preferred by your reviewer.

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