I met this guy once, from a city up the highway. He introduced himself to me with the standing order for this cultivar, saying he’d pay the price for a good version. People have their preferences, but that was a singular occurrence, and I’ve always had a certain respect for it after that.

North 40 sells this as Green Cush, I’m supportive of that. I call it the true name in my mind, that’s what I write on the stake when I grow it. That’s me. For this review, it’s Green Cush. And that’s just for the one person that might read this that didn’t need the reminder. I feel like it’s nice have your own way, but not if it makes someone else uncomfortable. For this review at least. 


I generalize lineage way too much on this website, glossing over the value of phenotypic selection. This is one where you have to get down to the phenotypic level, because the lineage just doesn’t describe it; Skunk #1 x Afghani.

Seedfinder gives a good description of it. This is a product of rigours selection, catalyzed by community. Several breeders offer a synonym. I’d tell you they’re like Cheese Burgers. Whether you’re sitting in The Pink Bicycle in Victoria or Pope Burger in Toronto, its the same cheese burger, but each place has their own spin on it. In kind, The Cali Connection has the Cecil cut, with their Deadhead OG. Elv8 has the same cut, but they’ve backcrossed it with something called Elephant.

From a retail perspective, I’d tell you there is only one, the HSO offering. It’s description reads like the real deal but  I don’t think you can know for sure, which ones are the real deal, and which are the in house renditions. From reading the Seedfinder narrative, this clone may have got around in the ’90’s, more than Tupac did, when he was still down with the Underground.

Back to get wrecked; this my second review of North 40’s product, and my expectations are set pretty high. 


Size and shape are vastly good, the smaller buds inside this package are few and far between. Development on the top of the buds appears also good, mostly in the colouring which nears violet in some cases. Trim is left I bit looser especially towards the bottom of the flower, which doesn’t enhance the look.


Feel on these flower is really good. The shape of the buds is spherical and the moisture content is good enough that they won’t destruct under any amount of force, only compress into themselves. The slight press yields good return I’d call the moisture content ideal.


Scents our spicy herb with citrus fruit and a funky base, that feels almost vaporous, which elevates the entire profile. Previous to its infamy, this was called Mango, which is apparent when you smell it.


Flavours are tangy earth, with a deep skunk note it seems to cling to the palate after the exhale. Secondary notes are fuel, spice, pine and anise graced with citrus. Profile seems to dry down with use in the vaporizer into the deep skunk note, but doesn’t lose the influence from the secondary notes.


I paid $9.64 per gram in a 3.5 gram package, $33.75 in total, with the first time patient discount (25%). I don’t think I have to fight you about it, there’s good value  at that price point.

When I go back, the price is $42, or just over $12 per gram. The quality is there; $12 is competitive for this on the medical side. It’ll be a $50 eighth in the rec stores and I think it should be able to do the dance with the high end stuff. 

Anyways, who else has a good version of GC? At $12 this is probably a slam dunk; at a 25% discount it’s a NBA Jam slam dunk from half court.


You want the owner of the shop making your sandwich, but that’s half the story. Some owners make a profit. Others profit by selling sandwiches they’d eat.

I don’t want inflame the egos at North 40, it is standard artistry, you can find in any genre. Some people make music they’d like to listen to. Others write books they’d actually read. Or paint a picture they’d hang in their own house. North 40 makes flowers. Humble craft with stellar results.


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