Today we review the Blue Cheese Seth Rogan should have endorsed, this is North 40 Blue Cheese.

That’s just a little joke, the Houseplant Hybrid was pretty good. I’d confidently say this Blue Cheese was way better.

As a lead-in to this review, when I get a message from David Brown, asking me if I’ll chat with a producer on their method, I oblige. So previous to this review, I’ve chatted with the producer of this cannabis, and you can read the write up here. At the end of the chat, I told Gord; the grower, trimmer, and owner, that I have his stuff on order and I’d give it an honest review.

For this review, the elements I can be critical on are few and far between. I regard the trim as rougher, and the actual retail price brushes against the top tier. Every other observable feature is either excellent, or redefining.


I’d call the visuals standard overall, much of it is excellent, but the trim precision doesn’t help. The errant leaf skirting the bud is most noticeable, because it’s left a bit rougher, particularly towards the underside of the bud . As the buds approach their apex, development and colouring get pretty fancy. The top side of the bud demonstrates good colouring towards the darker green tones, with notable trichome coverage over the jagged surface.

Overall shape of the bud was flattened at the sides by the package. For a one gram package I think you have to make allowances for this circumstance, but it does hurt the visual quality.


The feel is firm, but moisture content is detectable. These flowers compresses well and return as much as possible, it’s already been compressed by the container.


Aroma of the flowers is prominently spicy with earthy pepper coupled to a funky hollow, that feels more like old shoes than it does blue cheese. The composition comes together in rugged fashion, seeming a little more aggressive than its name or lineage would suggest.


Flavors are sweet and dirty; sweet garlic with a backer of oily woods. Secondary notes of spices and resinous floral tones balance the stranger character, creating an alluring composition that’s hard to capture. I ended up seeing it differently each time I returned to it.


I paid $10.50 for this single gram, at that price, it’s a no brainer. Blows out anything in the $10 segment that I’ve seen. I rated it near the top of the list; probably hitting it too hard for the rough trim and shape, the sole detractions I can make.

Retail price on this is $14 per single gram, bulk discounts are about 20% from that price point, putting it into the $11 range on a 7 gram purchase. Based on what I saw from the single gram, $11 is competitive.


I’ve done around 280 of these formal reviews at the time of writing. Two of the sum are duplicate reviews (0.7%); the same product reviewed several months apart. I’ve already ordered a larger package of this Blue Cheese. I’ll review the product, but I purchased enough to enjoy it for myself; which is one of the higher compliments I can pay.

The depth and expanse of olfaction is the reason I needed to return to it; it’s massive. Capable of redefining your definition of Blue Cheese, and maybe even olfactory potential of cannabis in general. I found the sensation moving, and so, one gram wasn’t enough. However, anybody that’s ever loved somebody likely knows, this level of infatuation can lead to disappointment. So I’ll be back to tell you how the marriage went, after the honeymoon’s dazzle faded.

Blue Cheese

As I prepare superlatives for the upcoming review, it’d be prudent to mention some other Blue Cheese offerings in the market.

Like I said above, Houseplant Hybrid is a Blue Cheese. I’d feel comfortable telling you the North40 version is superior, for less money. I also have this review of illicit Blue Cheese that I did before I knew how to properly organize a review. The Whistler Blue Cheese is likely the more accurate comparable, and likely a necessary step in a proper investigation of Canadian Blue Cheese cannabis. 

Anyways, I suppose I’ll leave this story to be continued another day. Thanks for reading today’s post. 

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