Nordle (Argyle) by Tweed1 min read

We’ve seen this cultivar before, I’ve reviewed Aphria’s version previously (Solei Balance). Standard quality with below average price, I was favourable on it. The Tweed product is priced ~30% more, so I am hoping to see better quality here.The Nordle cultivar has historical significance. It was bred by Mr. Nice (Howard Marks), Nordle was his code-word for hash when speaking over the phone, now Nordle is sold by The CBD Crew. The lineage on Nordle is an Afghani Skunk and The CBD Crew speculates the original Nordle was crossed with a cannatonic to get the CBD dominant cultivar we review today.

Let’s look at this Tweed Argyle around the country.

Thanks for reading everyone, see you on the next one.

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