A dynamic OG profile monopolized by an abrupt yet pleasing, hulked-out berry flavour.

Night Terror OG, artificial light

Night Terror OG is a Blue Dream crossed with one of Rare Dankness’ self titled OG phenotypes, this time it happens to be the Rare Dankess #1.

Rare Dankness categorizes it under their Kush section and describes it as light blueberry inhale and classic OG exhale. The phenotype I grew had no light blueberries, no kush and little OG but I’m fairly happy about how it turned out.

I find the profile of the Night Terror OG to be largely blueberries, blown out to the outer region of what you might still consider a blueberry. These blueberries are dark, monstrously dank and occupy much of the profile, leaving no room for any major OG notes or mid-range kush notes. The whole thing pronounces are lower deep blues, familiar to blueberries, but obviously alien.

Night Terror OG, natural light

The name of this variety is suggestive; Night Terror OG. It’s actually rather specific. The name was what attracted me to it, and when I saw the genetic lineage, I was sold. I liken this is the type of marketing to what we see for perfume and other cosmetics. A precise reach toward a target audience, those suffering from night terrors or insomnia in general. Just like the word ‘Eternity’ hits an aging male desperate to cling to his diminishing youth.

Night Terror OG, artificial light

I’ve only grown it once. The variety grew like a hybrid, which isn’t saying much. It didn’t grow very tall, barely made it above the trellis I had established for the other plants in the tent. I don’t have many other pointers about it. Mostly because each time I grow something, I realize what a noob I was the previous time I grew.

Right, ok, so I grew two of these beauts. One was magnificent, the other was well, not magnificent. When it came to flower time, I noticed that miss Magnificent was actually a mister, so I chucked it in a tent with a plump God Bud 2.0. The was intercourse but, as far as I can tell, no money was exchanged.

God Bud 2.0 mom, totally pregnant

The offspring of the cross are more lanky like their dad but some display a leaf structure like mom. I’m still working with it, so the end of its story is for another time. I was able to find an interesting looking male phenotype so I tried it against a very silvery tasting Alien OG female. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll cube the alien progeny back to a member of the F1 generation to achieve some stability, bring in a landrace to the F1 generation before I start to cube it back or go back to the parental generation with the alien progeny. 

Either way, I’m sure I wont lose any sleep over it …. ….. ok, I’ll show myself out.

F1 Night Terror OG x God Bud around 3 weeks

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