-ness Powdered Donuts

Dilute flavour and ragged looks overshadow the positive elements brought by -ness’ Powdered Donuts, which leans into the poorer side of value, despite its favorable price tag.

Hey pancakenap here, doing Powdered Donuts. This one is sold under BZam’s -ness brand.

Buyer Motivation

Lineage was the primary motivation for this purchase.


Jet Fuel Gelato x Orange Cookies.


Unkempt appearance throughout. Many small buds, some well developed, a few larfy. Some small proto-seeds. Trim leaves a lot to be desired. Received one larger bud, colouring and coverage is good. Despite the few good elements here, I’d still call the visuals bad.


Was good. Grinds to a fluffy mix with some crystal accumulating towards the bottom of the grinds.


Good base of sweet scents that has presence but doesn’t reach. Contains subtle notes of orange that tickle the sinus.


Candy floss orange creamsicle. The citrus is very soft and doughy. Fairly one dimensional. Pronunciation and longevity are poor.


Still a pass, quality is D+.


Price ($24.47) is about a quarter less than most of the 3.5g packages I’ve purchased, about $2 less per gram.


Value is calculated as average.


Alongside the harsh visuals was really poor olfactory performance. I found this produced very little vapour and the tastes were gone quickly. I struggled to find value with it, even at this price point.

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