All right, we are waiting around today. So let’s write a cannabis review.

Just looking for something good on the desk…. Let’s do the Moonshine Haze, by Rare Dankness.

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Let’s make a quick outline, here it is: Genetics, Grow Journal, Flavour Review, Final Thoughts 


Alright, this is a cup winning variety, sativa cup, 2011. The genetics are famous, you already like them.

The Nevil’s Wreck has never been released to the public by Rare Dankness (as far as I know), they use it in many of their varieties, most notably Ghost Train Haze. Nevil’s Wreck is a Nevil’s Haze (not sure correct spelling) and the infamous Arcata Trainwreck. Now that we know Dad, let’s introduce Mom, which is Soma’s Amnesia. You can read on RD’s website that the mom is from Soma’s 2005-2009 collection which leans towards the Afghani side.

Grow Journal

This is a 70 day flower. Big heavy arms. Not plug and play. Probably better for experienced growers, or those willing to do 30 minutes of research on grow technique and buy a trellis.

So this was my first time growing the Moonshine Haze, or any haze for that matter (edit: this is wrong, I’ve grown several forgettable hazes). I grew it in a 5-pack DWC situation along with 4 other varieties, Cookies Kush, Diesel Moonshine, G-Berry and Boss Hogg, mostly hybrids, I’m just name dropping.

I grew this in a 25 sf tent. I veg them until I can scrub the uppers up against the trellis before I top. Then I start to really spread them, trimming the backs and letting the arms fill the rest of the canopy under the trellis. Once I get a good thicket going ~10inch beneath the trellis, I flip and strip the lowers while letting the uppers roll to the sky.

Moonshine Haze grew in the middle of the 5, snaking its way between the lower spaces. It grew too tall, too fast and required multiple toppings, which lead to arms spanning the entire tent, that I would basically thread through the trellis. The plant thrived easily.

Flowering went longer than everything else in the tent. I usually do a week flush in <140ppm water (changed daily if above), which was done when the hybrids became ready. The MH got a 3 week flush by the time it was done. It is fairly flawless, but can’t help wonder what the extra yield would have been had I fed it properly.

Flavour Review

The flavour here is tight and precise. It’s not polarized, doesn’t sway heavily between two flavour profiles. The central note is a very green haze note. It has slight mint-pine-citrus note, buzzy florals and a downward edge of grimey earths. Although secondary notes are distinguishable, it doesn’t sway too far into the expanse where you would mistake it for anything but a haze, but within the tight space of its flavour profile, there is a lot going on.

Final Thoughts

This was a great plant. The yield was fantastic. Sexy morphology. I’m not a die-hard haze fan but the profile works for me, it’s bright with a mean edge but not too pushy. More piercing, than blasting.

I did not reach its potential the first time I grew it. Now that I know what to expect, I’d do it in a tank by itself in sets of 4, instead of 6.

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