Up’s Moon offers good form and taste, but contains a moderate amount of seeds.

What’s Up? I don’t know, we’re going to find out. Had to make the joke, got it right out of the way.

Today we review Moon, an offering from the licensed producer Up. I don’t really know much about this producer, so let’s do a quick check on them.

Up has two licenses from Health Canada, they grow in Ontario in two hybrid facilities. They don’t give the area. All their cultivars are renamed, or proprietary creations, don’t know. Their website is full of “Up” puns, including the one I just did so, I proceed slightly affected.

Up doesn’t offer single grams in my province, so I purchased 3.5 grams for this review (they actually do, see below). Moon’s container describes it as a Hybrid, 1:2 CBD, Indica dominant. We’re looking at 6.84% THC and 10.5% CBD on this bottle, slightly above the CBD Therapy I grew this year.

No past experience with the producer, don’t really know anything about this particular cultivar so we’re pretty neutral here, let’s get into it.

Visually, Moon is decent. Some colours leaning deep blue. Some buds are small and the trim is a bit lazy.

Tactile quality is pretty good I think. Feels dry but squishes when you pinch it. Side to side motion rolls it into a ball, doesn’t disintegrate.

After an initial check, I rolled this Moon up and smoked it. Now that I grind the rest for this review, I see that it has a moderate amount of small seeds, which I’m pretty upset about. If your product is compromised by seeds, you should, at the very least, inform the consumer about it, so they can make a choice.

Let’s look at it up close.

Scent on this rocky Moon is nice bright greens, it’s fresh and herbal. Some nice sweet florals balance the profile. Overall, this Moon sweet and friendly, lacking any rugged olfactory quality.

Moon’s flavours continue in the green spectrum. The fresh notes deepen to include some aquatic herbs, and sandy earths. It’s really light and smooth. There’s some citrus blending with the earths, giving an upward edge to the bottom of the profile. Overall, it flows gracefully, with respectable character. Glad I’m enjoying it in the vaporizer, because of the seeds.

I purchased Moon from the Alberta Cannabis online store for $43.95 for 3.5 grams or $12.56 per gram. This is about a dollar more than the historical overage price per gram for the Alberta Cannabis online store and two dollars more than the historical average of over 100 of purchases for these reviews. So, we’re well into the expensive side of the market.

Up’s Moon is like a good looking cake that someone sneezed on. In terms of my preference, I’ll rate this Up behind Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa, which also had good tastes and seeds. Following behind is Aphria’s Alien Dawg, which also tasted alright and had seeds. I’ve ranked about 80 offerings so far, this falls in the lower 25% of the total group.

What’s up? Turns out, it was seeds. And I don’t recommend cannabis with seeds. This was a CBD dominant offering, for those looking for something similar, check out Maricann’s Cali-O for a less expensive option. I’d also recommend looking at the Tantalus Labs CBD dominant line, there are 4 of them, all are recommendable and demonstrate the tactile qualities seen with this Moon.

Check this link for a summary of reviews from the Alberta Cannabis online store. I also have this summary of my medical purchases. Thanks for reading, see you for the next one!

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