Mongolian (Casa Blanca) and Trail Blazer Prohibition Blend Pre-Rolls by Organigram (Edison)

Organigram continues their track record with another 2 offerings that include a staggering amount of seeds, this time it’s their pre-rolled product. Below, we review Organigram’s Pre-Rolled Casa Blanca and Trail Blazer Prohibition Blend pre-rolls by removing the paper and comparing the content against grounds from other licensed producers.

Today we’re going to review two pre-rolls from Organigram, the Casa Blanca (Mongolian) and the Trailblazer Prohibition Blend. Both are 0.5g, rolled in a bleached paper with a filter. Because of the condition, I will not actually use this cannabis, I am more interested in what’s inside the pre-rolls they are selling.

I’ve removed the contents of the pre-roll from the paper and laid it back in the original packaging tray. Photos were taken of the contents. Cannabis flower produced by other licensed producers was ground and photographed on rolling paper, using identical camera settings and positioning. Finally, the contents of the Organigram pre-rolls were placed on identical rolling paper and photographed using the same settings noted above.

The other flower used for comparison are:

Let’s look at the contents inside the two Organigram pre-rolls and make some observations.

First, we’ll look at the Trail Blazer Prohibtion Blend Pre-Roll. Stems, seeds, shell shards, and pericarp tissue is readily observable. Below, the picture shows stem and a few seeds.

Shown below, the Trail Blazer Prohibition Pre-Roll contents, more seeds, stem and the embryonic tissue that once enclosed the seeds.

And next, more stem and seeds. I stopped counting at 5 in the photo below. Again, this is the Trail Blazer Prohibition Pre-Roll.

Next, we’ll look at Organigram’s Edison Casa Blanca Pre-roll. This has a finer mill but the stem and seed are still observable.

Here is a close up of the seeds in Organigram’s Casa Blanca Pre-rolls.

And another shot showing more seeds in the Organigram Casa Blanca Pre-roll. There are less stems in this pre-roll but the amount of seeds is on par with what we saw in my previous review of Organigram’s Casa Blanca flower.

With those images in mind, let’s look at the grinds of other cannabis flower available in the market.

We’ll introduce them as full buds first and then show their grounded states. A variety of buds were selected according to general structure, from full to scant.

This is Canopy Growth’s (Tweed) Plain Packaging Sativa. This bud was selected because it looks fairly full with little stem.

Next, we have Aphria’s Alien Dawg, this one was selected because it has a bit more stem and less density.

Third, we have Emblem’s Conspiracy Kush, this one was selected because of its prominent stem and overall lack of quality.

The others included are pre-ground, so we’ll look at them in comparison to the other flowers in their ground state.

First, we view Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa. You can see we have some stem but it’s easy to miss all the seeds.

This is the same picture cropped, I stopped counting at 10 fully developed seeds. These grounds were supposed to serve as an example of better quality, we didn’t get that here. Again, this is Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa. I haven’t reviewed this one yet, spoiler alert, it’s not going to go well.

One more of Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa, showing the seeds in full view.

Next, we’ll look at Aphria’s Alien Dawg after it was ground. The other name for this is Solei Renew.

Turned out pretty good, here’s the stem in Aphria’s Alien Dawg.

And below is the small amount of seed in Aphria’s Alien Dawg. I can spot two larger ones towards the top left and two smaller ones, one middle photo and one bottom right. The crop is about 6 cm square.

Next we look at Emblem’s Conspiracy Kush, this was the one with mostly stem.

This grind also has stem and smaller seeds. If looking at the picture below makes your skin crawl, don’t worry, this is normal. Again, this is Emblem Conspiracy Kush and it is absolutely ghastly.

Next, we’ll look at Organigram’s Casa Blanca ground flower. This is the same flower with all the seeds I previously reviewed, so this one we’re certain has a ton of seeds.

We’ll show a cropped image to see the seeds in the Organigram Casa Blanca. Again, this flower had upwards of 50 seeds embedded in the flower, you can see 4-5 of them below.

Next, we look at CannTrust’s White Widow, another flower offering that contained one large seeds and several smaller, undeveloped seeds.

Here is the cropped image of CannTrust’s White Widow, showing the large seed, some smaller seeds and pericarp.

Now that we have viewed grounds from many different flowers, let’s bring it back to the two Organigram pre-rolls we saw at the beginning, the Trail Blazer Prohibition Blend Pre-roll, and the Casa Blanca Pre-roll.

We’ll look at the Trail Blazer Pre-roll first. You should be able to see the stem, there are also several seeds in here as well.

Let’s zoom into see them. Again, this is Organigram’s Trail Blazer Prohibition Blend Pre-Roll.

And more seeds from Organigram’s Trail Blazer Prohibition Blend Pre-Roll. This picture is cropped to barely a square centimetre, I can count 14 seeds. There are a staggering amount of seeds included in this pre-roll.

Next, we’ll look at Organigram’s other pre-roll, this one is the Casa Blanca they sell under their Edison brand.

Again this is the Edison Casa Blanca Pre-roll, I’ve circled the seeds below. The stems are there too. You can scroll up and look back to the Tweed or Aphria grounds to the difference in stem.

Here is another view of the Edison Casa Blanca Pre-roll by Organigram. Again, I’ve circled the seeds and they are numerous.

The Organigram Edison Casa Blanca Pre-Roll and the Trail Blazer Prohibition Blend are $6.26 and $6.95, respective, per 0.5 gram at the Alberta Cannabis store. As you can see, both suffer from the similar failures observed over the majority of the Organigram purchases I’ve made so far. Both have a ridiculous amount of seeds and stem, both products are meant to be smoked by consumers.

This is now 6 purchases of products produced by Organigram, of those, only one was actually fit for use. That’s a 83% failure rate.

Here’s the thing, I’ll keep buying Organigram’s stuff. We’ll look at it and if it’s good, I’ll try it and tell you what I think. Much of the product I’ve seen from them has observable elements that I’d rather not ignore. I have their winner, the Wabanki on order and I’m hoping to see something good. People like them, I’ve seen some positive comments. This streak of failed product is almost too improbable. So, best I can do is keep an open mind and photograph their product, the same as I always do. I also have some pre-rolls produced by other LPs on order, and we’ll repeat this procedure.

To be brutally honest, I’d rather smoke a whole pre-roll of Organigram seed and stem than smoke the Emblem Conspiracy Kush showed during this review, it just looks tortured. Next we review three of Emblem’s products, in decreasing quality, and it reads like you’re being visited by 3 ghosts of cannabis detritus. I swear to you, you’ll look back at these pre-rolls like they weren’t so bad.

Post Script:

After writing this review, I began to wonder what my personal home grown looks like under similar circumstances. I’ve tried to recreate the procedure with a few home grow buds and photographs of the grinds taken similarly.

I chose two buds of Citrus Skunk. One has a bunch of stem that I would normally remove, for the purposes of this ‘experiment’ I left the stem intact. For the other bud, I removed the stem and some trim, same as I would if I were rolling it into a joint. Let’s look at them both.

This bud has the most stem.

The second bud is representative of what I would roll into a joint, you can see I’ve removed the stem from the flower but there is still some trim present.

Let’s look at the grounds for the bud where the stem was left included. There is some visible stem in there, I can also see a hair bottom right.

Looking a bit closer, the stem becomes more prominent. And the hair, which I am unable to find with the naked eye.

Here is a close up crop of the grounds, showing some stem and trim.

These are the grounds from the citrus skunk bud I cleaned up a bit.

Zooming in a bit, I can see some of the leftover trim and a bit of torn stem.

Here is the other side of the rolling paper, some more torn stem and trim.

This was interesting to see. I’ll grind some homegrown for the next pre-roll reviews to use as a baseline for what I consider useable.

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