Thanks for joining me for the review today, we’re looking at Mollo 5.

This is one of five cannabis drinks I’ve purchased.

Thought I would put together a review of each, with some calculations on the averages based on the five purchases.

I give some thoughts about the flavour for each, and some casual notes I took when drinking the beverage.


80% like beer. Frontage is dry bitter of beer, with smooth lager mid. Instead of the slightly bitter leave, you get a greasier herb.

With frequent sips, you can taste the cannabis, which is much more prevalent in the aftertaste it leaves across the palate.

Other notes

Tastes are not as crisp, or as full bodied as beer.

Carbonation did not last. No head on the pour.

I found the effects slight but immediate. Noticeable before half the beer was consumed.

Bottom line

Good effects wise. Could be an acquired taste.

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