Checking out an unbranded Meat Breath today, this is bred by Thug Pug.

Buyer Motivation

Hype for the offering


Great looks on this flower. Buds are smaller, and somewhat spherical. The crown of the bud is rather plateaued, but includes some really some really interesting detail as it undulates to return on the opposite side. Colouring has touches of purple on light green. Stigmas are faded orange. Trim is only just ok on this flower but it seems of little consequence.


Tender. Very well done.


Frontage is spicy with sulphurous herbs, over a salty fish base.


Skunk frontage subdued by pine mix with salty herb and fishy earths. Dries down into a sweet jelly taste.

Value Statement

Price was $8.86 per gram. For single grams it’s attractive. Mid-range for both legacy and legal markets by the eighth. Once you start getting into larger package sizes this price point becomes less attractive.


The profile seems so unique; it leaves a lasting impression and it’s a good one.

Consumer Benefits

Quality. Value for money. Accessibility of a popular offering.

Consumer Pains

Bulk prices. Maybe the trim.


I suspect the drivers to this offering are trend, breeder, and price (in that order).


If you don’t know the offering, ‘Meat Breath’ can seem less appealing than something like ‘Blue Dream’. Surely a bud tender can help in those circumstances.

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