Kannabia’s Mataro Blue makes a good showing at a higher than average price for the high yielding cultivar.

Spain seems to be happening for genetics these days. I’m not a policy buff, so I’d guess the laws are favourable out there, I’m personally noticing more breeders and more seed banks out of Spain. We’re going to talk about one of them today, the breeder of this Mataro Blue, Kannabia Seeds.

I have positive experience here, I grew Kannabia many times when I started out as a grower. They’re attractive for new growers for two reasons, they are fairly cost effective, for one. And many of their cultivars contain the stable indica Black Domina, which in retrospect, was really helpful when I didn’t necessarily know what I was buying. Most of their cultivars were easy to grow, uniform in volume as well as timing. I’ve practiced with a handful of their cultivars that I would recommend, Karribean Mango, BCN Diesel (now called Diesel Glue) and White Domina CBD.

Black Domina is a 4 way cross of indica type cultivars regarded as landrace or close to landrace; Hashplant, Northern Lights, Afghani and Ortega (Northern Lights incross). Keep an eye out for it, I think it offers more for breeding, so moreover, keep an eye out for its hybrids. This Mataro Blue is one of them, so is Delicious’ Sugar Black Rose. Both are cup winners. Both offer a new allure compared with some of the more popular Kush tastes. Worth it to keep a lookout, at least.

And that’s what this Mataro Blue is, a Black Domina cross with another indica, a Mazar-i-Sharif, and a hybrid called Blue Monster, which deserves a review for itself. Yield is one of the big benefits of the Mataro, it is an above average producer. Timing is another, this flowers around 60 days or finishes mid September, early October outdoors

Maybe you didn’t know, this Mataro Blue is a Canadian favourite from 2016, it won a Lift cup in Canada that year (for Rosin) and was pretty prevalent in the dispensary markets. Despite being a Canadian favourite, no licensed producer has offered this, yet.

The shape of these Matario Blue flowers are smaller, dense and spherical. Trim is noticeably lazy, another 10 seconds would have made this look 200% better. Although it detracts from the beauty, the extra trim is inconsequential for active content here.

Moisture content is difficult to determine because this Mataro bud is so dense. Outwardly dry, but there is little to no give internally.

Up close it looks really good. A few hairs, nothing major. No other issues to speak of, this one looks about standard.

Sweet blues are the scent of these Mataro Blue flowers. Perhaps there are some low spice earth tones, but the profile averages much higher on the flavour spectrum, more expressive of robust cherry/berry tones than the lower earth tones.

Mataro Blue flavours are tart blueberry reduced upon sweetened, slightly oily earths, with a hint of upward fuel. There’s some opacity to this profile which limits depth on the low tones but keeps the spotlight on the blues. On this version, the dry down into muted earths is as disappointing as it is immediate. If you use your imagination, there are some blue hues left in there but otherwise there is little longevity on this one, especially in the fruiter aspects of the profile.

So I mentioned above that the Mataro is mildly prevalent in the Canadian markets. Interestingly, I’d tell you it doesn’t have much of a presence in US markets, I can only find one listing in Maine.

The vendor for this product was AC Medical, and the price was $11 per gram. I’m on the low side for value here. Good genetics, ok visuals and fleeting tastes. This is unlicensed cannabis and there is no testing. Quality was decent but you could find this level of quality at $10 from licensed producers. CannTrust has a Blueberry Kush, I had a decent experience with it in October 2018 but my experience with CannTrust has been notably poor since. Although the flavours are not the quite same, Aurora has a MK Ultra that I would say is worth a look.

Every new licensed producer brings new genetics. It wont be long until I’m complaining there is way too much Mataro Blue in the Canadian market (maybe). This untested, marginal quality, $11 per gram retail cannabis is low hanging fruit; there’s no reason to recommend it over tested cannabis.

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