Malawi, Grown by Squid Pants

Checking out another grow by Squid Pants today. This is Malawi by Ace Seeds, from Squid’s, or Mr. Pant’s  late 2019 grow.




Visuals intrigue on this flower, the surface has depth. The prominently displayed brown stigma tangles within the dark purple flower, which becomes slightly airy towards its outer perimeter, leaving space for the stigma to weave within. From afar, the flowers appear fuzzy or hairy, nearly frazzled.


The flowers are malleable. Even the smaller Bud is comprised of several nodes which can be pulled apart from the stem quite a way before it breaks. The flower is dry to the touch and becomes quite sharp at some points along the crest of the bud.


Aroma of the unground flowers are slight pine with the flat tart of a banana peel. There’s a second layer of earth perceptible after the initial frontage, but much of the character greets as flat, slightly bitter, and tropical. Grinding the flowers unleashes the earths in the profile which are very obviously myrcene dominant. Not only does it balance the taste with low frequency tones, it also brings a sweeter aspect to the composition.


Frontage on the flavors are spiced woods, dry and nimble, like balsa wood. The earth tones, although secondary, bring a great deal of fluidity to the taste. The character of this profile feels pressing and urgent, the spicier notes seen at the inception are also left on the palate. Dries down into dark woods and low tone resins that play deep in baritone.


I found it cerebrally torsional, like my brain was a wet washcloth being rung repeatedly, by my Mom, who has a disappointed look on her face. That’s just me, I would imagine that you could find this calming; depending on the notes you choose to fixate on, how comfortable your shoes are, and/or the Freudian complex you exhibit.

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