Malawi by Squid Pants

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Doing Malawi today, this is bred by Ace Seeds.

People seem to like Malawi. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s led to some really deadly crosses, like the Golden Tiger. This is my first time with the Malawi, so I’m looking forward to exploring it.

This is a homegrown review. I did not buy or grow this cannabis, it was gifted to me by Squid Pants. I’ve looked at his stuff previously, you can check out all reviews here. Big thanks to him for sending this in. Squid grows indoors, in soil, and makes his own crosses. And, you’ll see in this review, this Malawi has a few seeds in it.

Let’s check on the cultivar first.

Ace’s description calls this a 100% Sativa from Central Africa, they note the power of the cultivar and that it’s flavoured with notes of spice and wood. Ace also says in the description that the Malawi morphology is advantageous to other breeders, because of the plant’s long branching arms and bud density. Flowering time on this cultivar is very long, 11-14 weeks, which is another reason you might only see this one from home growers or craft producers.

Visuals on these buds are fairly different than what you usually see from retail cannabis. Buds are looser, with more internal spacing within the flower. The individual nodes are recognizable from each other, I’d say the dense growth the breeder notes in their description is observable.

The colouring of the flowers is pleasing, some nice purple tones cause this bud to look a bit darker. The breeder notes the Malawi turns golden as it matures, Squid must have dropped the temperatures in the final weeks to achieve this colouring.

I mentioned above, this gift that Squid has sent includes some seeds, so I’ve removed 5 viable looking seeds from this flower. Squid says this is a self cross, so I expect I’ll be able to grow the seeds that came from these buds.

Scent feels concave; herbal greens on one side, dips low into wooded earths before ending on fruity spices. The feel on it is natural and somewhat rustic, but the overall direction of the profile is undeniably upward.

I’m surprised by the amount of floral perfume that buffers outwardly on the flavour profile. The musks I noted in the scent profile are lost in the fray, leaving hearty wood tones at the base. The potency of this cultivar definitely comes from floral opening, its fast and far reaching, backed by some active aldehyde type notes which approach like strong perfume.

After some use in the vaporizer, this profile dries down towards resinous sandalwoods that interpret smooth and calm. Which is deceptive, in my opinion. After my encounter with the Malawi, I tend to support the breeder’s claim of its strength.

Thanks again to Squid Pants for allowing us a taste of the Malawi, it was quite the powerhouse. I still have flowers from two more of his grows to review, so look forward to those in the future.

Thanks for reading my work, see you on the next one.

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