Lucky 13’s Pineapple Poundcake, grown by Hot Carld

Check it out here, we’re looking at Pineapple Poundcake, grown by Ontarian, Hot Carld. I have a few of his grows from last season reviewed, we’ll look at all of them.

You read it right, Hot Carld, past tense, like it just happened to you. If you send cannabis to me, I’ll usually check with you on particulars like names. Not here. Executive decision; going with Hot Carld, full speed ahead. There’s now a folder on my computer entitled HOT CARL, and it has pictures in it. If I ever fall victim to a violent crime, and someone needs to investigate my hard drive, they’re gonna think twice before they open that folder. 

Anyways, being serious now, let’s get this review of Pineapple Poundcake off my chest.


Interesting part of this cross is the inclusion of what sounds like the Metallica of cannabis, Krystalica, which is a cross of 3 landraces; 2 Indian and 1 Nepalese. The breeder of Pineapple Poundcake, Lucky 13 Seeds, has used the Krystallica with a Pineapple OG Kush to create this plant, which is described as a ‘cash cropper’s dream’.


Large in stature, these flowers part pinecone shaped, wide at the bottom coming to a very jagged tip towards the top. At the detailed surface, the shape is quite rumpled jutting back and forth as the individual segments making up the flower return to the face of the larger bud. What little trim left cast dark green colour over what is otherwise a very frosty white bud.



The unground flowers are sweet and earthy, with a very slight citrus backer. Once ground, the citrus scent expands too near candied levels, where the sweet tones overtake it and dominate the profile. Although the earths are quite prominent, when it comes together it’s closer to citrus flavored icing sugar then it is a citrus flavored baked good.



Heat smooths out the flavors into the sweet citrus at the top end, mix to some skunky burble with some pine at the low end. The composition is bright sweet without the descending low tones that would this profile. Sweet and active, character is generally its enthusiastic and infectious, I’d imagine this has wide appeal.


Big thanks to Hot Carld for sending this in. We have 4 more of theirs to look at: HSO Blue Dream, Dina Fem’s Amnesia, Barney’s Farm’s Acapulco Gold and Mephisto’s 4 Assed Monkey.

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