AC Medical’s Love Potion has underwhelming looks and taste in their version of the beloved Reeferman cultivar.

I love the BC ferries. A few years ago my brother lived on Vancouver Island, I would load my dog up in the car and go out for a visit. Relaxation would hit me in the lineup waiting for the ferry. When you get on the boat, the ride is calm and the scenery is epic. The clean ocean air surrounds you, it’s just one of my favourite experiences. Once docked on the island, I’d go see my brother, and he’d take me to a dispensary to buy some cannabis, one of the first things we did. Alberta doesn’t have dispensaries, so the choice offered in BC was really impressive to me. We’d get some really good stuff; like King’s Kush, Cotton Candy, Nebula and Nuken, but one of the most outstanding cultivars I saw was Love Potion.

Talking about perception bias for a moment. When I remember the Love Potion, I associate its flavours with vacation, spending time with loved ones and calm moments. The olfaction of Love Potion reminds me of relaxing times, but that might not be the same for all people. Similar to wearing a different perfume on your vacation, associations between scent and taste with memory and feeling are very strong and easy to recollect. Back to cannabis, certain terpene configurations will modulate your perception, but you make the association, not the branding or marketing. Beware of the placebo effect. For example, Love Potion has a reputation of being an aphrodisiac, you may have that experience, or you might just be acting inappropriately with a poor excuse.

Love Potion is a Reeferman cultivar. There are many analogues for this cultivar, you may notice Love Potion #1 or #2. Love Potion is a Colombian Gold incross that supposedly blends a G-13 into one parents. The Colombian Gold used for the cross is known as Santa Marta Colombian Gold, an inbred line that led to the original Skunk #1. Reeferman bred the Santa Marta Colombian Gold as well, notably, it features notes of ‘lemon hash’ and ‘cat piss’ which I think translate to the most likeable parts of the Love Potion flavour, the fiercely stringent citrus notes.

Structure of this particular Love Potion is ok. I reviewed it out of a smaller bag, so it’s somewhat compressed and molded. The one gram package was comprised of one larger and two smaller buds. Size was good but visual appeal is still on the lower side.

Tactile consistency is the best part of this Love Potion. Buds are outwardly dry, but have some give when pressed, It doesn’t demonstrate any outer rigidity, like well cured cannabis does. Yes, this is the bud’s best feature, but quality is average at best.

Up close this bud looks a bit rougher. There is hair intwined in the floral growth, some fibre is also visible throughout. You rarely see hair in licensed produced cannabis but quite often in dispensary cannabis.

This Love Potion also has several small seeds throughout the flowers. Small enough that you may not notice them amongst the grounds but they are there, and are numerous.

The scent on this Love Potion is some dusty fruits. There isn’t much dimension here, the piercing citrus notes seen in other Potions are not present.

Flavours on this Love Potion are rather underwhelming. Muted fruit and crisp spices embody the profile, but the stringency of this Love Potion doesn’t live up to what I experienced in the past. There actually isn’t much to separate this from some of the lesser Jean Guys or Jack Herers I see from licensed producers. Bland citrus, nothing special.

This Love Potion was $11 per single gram, at best I feel it’s ‘$6 per gram’ cannabis, but that would require lab testing and no seeds. Also, this was purchased as ‘Atomic Love Potion’ but the package is labeled “Love Potion”, to me these are two different things.

Buyer satisfaction is really low for this offering. We just looked at Organigram’s Wabanaki and Tweed’s Plain Packaging Sativa, I prefer both to this Love Potion. They had better flavours, and although the quality was compromised (all had seeds), both Tweed and Organigram products appeared cleaner. Moreover, both were cheaper than this Love Potion. For those looking for an adjacent flavour profile, try Tweed’s Lemon Skunk. The flavours aren’t exact, and quality isn’t anything to write home about, but closing this review out, I would have preferred the Lemon Skunk over this particular Love Potion.

Perhaps this may be an unpopular but obvious opinion, the potential downside on unlicensed cannabis is way higher than licensed cannabis, this Love Potion is a good example of that. Product quality wasn’t great, was compromised by seeds and fibre, no character, wasn’t tested, and was overpriced. Expectations were high, but this turned out to be junky cannabis, below the quality of many of the worst licensed producers.

For those looking for my recommendation on relaxation, consider Vancouver Island. The food is good, the cannabis is great but the views best them both. I’ll leave you with one today, a Tofino sunset in springtime. Thanks for reading.

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