Looking at London Pound today, I think this is normally called London Pound Cake, bred by Cookies.

I don’t really know much about Cookie bred varieties, but one of favourite breeders (In House Genetics) has taken this London Pound Cake, and paired it with their Platinum Kush Mints to make Pancakes. 


Apparently this is a Sunset Sherbet with an unknown variety. 

Buyer Motivation

Hot Carld gifted a Pineapple Poundcake, assumed this is one of the parents of the cross he sent.


Visuals are good here. Colouring is a bit muted, coverage is good and likely contributes to the blanched look. Structure is the most interesting part, the bud have several undulating contours and crevices.


Feel is soft. Grinds to a heavy mix that rolls over itself.


Scents are primarily thick vanilla sweets that end curling upwards into a citrus twang, maintaining the sweet tone throughout, becoming like icing sugar towards the end. Secondary notes are typical smooth earths with a touch of coffee.


Frontage on the tastes is a homogenous mix of perfumed herb and sweet vanilla, the leave is fresh across the palate. Secondary notes of fruit, pine and berry interpret more firm and rigid, plain supportive to the sweet herbal top notes. Character is pleasant, green and (I’d say) is near tropical at first, but dries down into something reminiscent of warm gingerbread.

Value Statement

Single gram price was $9, higher than the vendor average, but still on the good side of average for most stores for a single gram.


I thought the profile was impressive, and was worth seeing. 

Consumer Benefits

Trendy strain for an attainable price.

Consumer Pains

Larger purchases are more expensive because of lack of bulk discount, this is $250 ounce.


Strain name. Trendy breeder (I assume some people think so). Trendy progeny.


Payment types due to vendor. Much of the attraction comes from territory features like breeder and name.

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