Hey thanks for joining me for the review today, this is going to be for an unbranded Lip Smacker.

Looking up the name, this is bred by Exotic Genetix.


Exotic lists their creations by the plant that fathered them, Lip Smacker is a Strawberries and Cream male, with a Sherb female.

Buyer Motivation

None really, I had no awareness of it previous to this review.


Mostly bad with a bit of good. THere’s some desaturation in the colour, coupled with the amount of trim left, there’s a shifting effect towards less appealing looks. Shape was flattened during shipping, but it looks to be a longitudinal cylinder shape, made up of 3 nodes.


Feel is pre-compressed. Not brittle if I press perpendicular to the way it was already compressed.


Gassy floral on the frontage, skunked up with sour citrus. The blend is seamless, the gas brings a novel velocity to the skunk tones. The detail in the composition is great, and the magnitude of all the players is more than enough to see it all.


Frontage on the flavour is smooth sorbet and cream, followed by a melody of sweet floral with secondary notes of gritty pine. The character is friendly and graceful, but has a little bite on the back end; keeps it interesting without being too much.

Value Statement

Price on the single gram was $11.59; it’s on the high side in any market. Less for legal, more-so for legacy. Again, no bulk discounts from this vendor, an ounce is $325.


I tend to weight taste and scent more than I do the visual properties, this bud tasted so good you’d forget how it looked before you ground it up. I’d seek this again based on what I saw here.

Consumer Benefits

This is from the 2019 lineup, maybe not new in the US, but sure feels new here in Canada.

Consumer Pains

Visuals, which is temporary. Price for re-purchases.


Breeder name, or strain name. Along that avenue, perhaps the Strawberries and Cream male that fathered this line.


Like I said above, bulk buys, or challenges due to the vendor type.

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