Thanks for joining me today, we’re going to review an unbranded version of Lindsay OG.

In a nutshell, this is a very well regarded, cup winning, OG of unknown lineage, named after Lindsay, Ontario and bred by Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms.

I swear, during the summer of 2018, I was in a head shop, looking at Lindsay OG, or Lindsay Kush seeds in a limited edition DNA Genetics package. I didn’t buy it, instead I went home with Holy Grail Kush, like a dummy.

Buyer Motivation

Familiar with the name


Visuals are good. Trim is the most critical area, there’s some crows feet here with some leafs that overlap the surface of the buds. Otherwise, shape is round, its length is greater than its width. Colouring stays standard but there’s good range in the hues, the greens get pretty deep. Coverage isn’t neither good, nor bad, in my opinion.


Feel is great, the buds are heavy but do demonstrate some bounce.


Scents are punchy gas with soured pine, the latter of which continues lower into the profile through some dank spice and protein earth tones. Character is like teriyaki beef jerky with gassy pine.


Frontage of the flavours is defined by a broad curve of fuel tones, it has the dank, near acetone solvent, to the more earthy garble of gasoline, to the more vaporous chemical on the high side. Secondary notes of spicy pepper playing supportive throughout. 

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $4.54; that’s hard to beat. Approaching this price point, there’s defiantly a potential for poor quality.


I felt like this was a good example of respectable quality. This listing was billed as triple A; apart from the trim, I wouldn’t have much grounds to argue that rating.

Consumer Benefits

Good value for money. Tastes like a good version of an OG profile with the dials adjusted.

Consumer Pains

The trim. The profile is pretty savage, might not be accessible for some.


The cup win, or notoriety the name carries. Price.


Extra hoops due to vendor type, might not be tested.

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