Hey everyone, we have Jordan of the Islands’ Lemon Skunk here today. We’ve looked at DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk previously, I anticipate this will be quite different.

This cannabis was sent in by @JamaicanRios, grown in soil, indoors, under a combination of limited and full spectrum light. Big thanks to him for sending it in, really looking forward to going through it.

Jordan’s Lemon Skunk is a Citrus Skunk crossed to a Skunk #1. The description says it makes a full lemon smell, that even permeates the smoke. A 3 foot plant is expected to make about 100-200 grams in about 8 weeks.

The buds that JR sent me look great. Colouring is fairly typical, deep green hues accented by orange pistils. Both look like apical colas and are generously sized. Thick in diameter, conical in shape, coming to a a somewhat sharp point at the tip, they appear hybrid-like in morphology.

True to the name, scent of the Lemon Skunk flowers are poignant citrus soaring proud of base pine and flat sweets. Interprets somewhat icy and buzzes the nose in a friendly way.

Heat seems to intensify the citrus notes but doesn’t expand them, shifting the profile’s poignancy to new heights. The exhale departs on the sweeter side of the profile, leaving a citrus mint glaze on the palate.

Although the more active elements of the profile scream citrus the character lacks a certain acidity, instead, the sweets dominate the character making this cultivar seem dainty and bright.

From the nice looking flowers to the fresh lemon character, there was a lot to like here. Thanks again to @JamaicanRios for sending it in. We’ve looked at his Blackberry Hammer previously, also bred by Jordan of the Islands. We still have a few more to look at from JR, so look out for those in the future and check out the map below for lists of everything that’s been sent in to me.

Thanks for reading, see you for the next one!

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