This entry placed twice, once for best Sativa and once as 2nd place for the judges favourite.


Cultivar info

Lemon Mango is a general name. I can best attribute it back to Lemon Mango OG by Apothecary Genetics, which is a OG incross that includes Mango and Green Crack, along with a specialized cross of SFV OG Kush called Joe’s OG Kush.


Cultivar Guess

Based on the tastes alone, I’m hesitant to say we saw Apothecary’s Lemon Mango OG here, but I could be wrong. I called it a Skunk Haze or Blue Dream type, so I wasn’t sure what it was, I could only say what it was like. 


Cannabinoid Content

Total content was slightly below average for the group and my measure of the market average, around 17%. If you check back to the summary of these entries, many cultivars beat this Lemon Mango for cannabinoid content, and in a blind test several people arrived at a similarly positive consensus on it. 


Good grades across the board for this entry, wish I could confirm the breeder. Thanks for reading today’s post. 

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