Reviewed this one 4th of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March.

Again, no set protocol with these reviews. I make sensory observations about the product; and I’ll tell you my preference, in hopes it helps you make your preference.

Consumer Report

I’ve decided not to add price and content calculations to this review. Instead, check this link for a report that covers all chocolate products from a consumer’s perspective. 


Has a faint raspberry smell, not so chocolaty.


No cracks in the chocolate, but some crumble towards the bottom.


Snaps crisply.


Taste is sweet, with thin fruits, feels manufactured. Within 10 seconds, a fruity berry tone appears. The leave leans closer to dark chocolate, with some bitter earths. Character is like a Big Turk.

No cannabis tastes are detected.


I thought this one was going to be my favourite, but it was closer to my least favourite. The raspberry tastes were too much, so much, that it felt inauthentic.

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