Good morning, reader.

It’s 7:30 AM on a weekday, and I’m going to review 10g of Legend milk chocolate.

This product contains 10mg THC and costs $6.29. I bought it from a store called Sweet Tree.

As a more frequent user of cannabis, I wanted to do this review in the morning, before I’ve used any other cannabis products.


Doing a bit of preparation here, by googling “what makes good chocolate”, and I’ll try to summarize the top 5 results into something we can use on the fly.

Quick aside, I think dark chocolate is gross, and will not eat it; ever. I’ve known people that like it, we usually get along because it means more dark chocolate for them.

All the detailed elements an aficionado may be concerned with, I’ll skip.

Of the 5 top Google returns,  one had good info, three said nothing and one was a reproduction of the first. Despite this, here’s the goal I think we’re aiming for:


Smooth chocolate, no bubbles


Chocolate smells, no fillers, or foreign spices.


Want a crisp breakage. Milk or white chocolate may be more ductile.


Mouth feel – Smooth is better

Finish – Long is better

Off tastes- anything bad


This product comes in 4 sections and I’ll break one off, eating a single piece as per the instructions I was given via the internet.

I photo’ed this cannabis product, as I flip the solid piece over, I notice some bubbles.

The chocolate snaps along the partition with a soft snap. It’s not a crisp sound, like snapping your fingers. More like the sounds you’d associate with breaking foam insulation or hard packed snow; the sound is less intense.


The cocoa taste is apparent first, slightly bitter. The milky sweet, chocolate follows quickly, drowning out any of the cocoa.


The first piece is done. Leaving a chocolaty taste in my mouth, I wouldn’t regard as prevalent. I would regard the taste as smooth, especially with the milk chocolate this interpretation is easy to make.

One of the sources of information I used has a flavour wheel, so I’ll take a crack at it.

There are 7 flavours shown:

  • Spicy
  • Floral
  • Earthy
  • Fruity
  • Vegetative
  • Nutty
  • Carmel

Each type expands into a more detailed dimension, then there are a natural notes given, to which we are to make an association with.

I’d wholeheartedly choose caramel to describe these tastes, with a milk modifier.


I can still l taste the chocolate aftertaste with a slight residual dryness. Maybe someone would relish this, I’m on the fence.


First sip of coffee. Palate has more bitter leave.


Another piece. This time it melted quickly and my mouth is a mix of coffee and chocolate.


Another piece, x2.

Now all the chocolate is consumed.


Usually I don’t monitor when I first use cannabis in the day; I estimate it’s somewhere between 9-11am. Most often I feel like vaporizing, go to turn it on and find my previous self has already done that.

Today I will monitor when I turn on my vape. And my hypothesis is that I will smoke cannabis a bit later, due to the 10mg of THC in this chocolate package.

For now I can report I feel no effects of intoxication, aside from the thrill of eating chocolate for breakfast.

Another thing that happens to me most work days is I feel a bit squirrely after drinking a whole pot of coffee, then I’ll take a break and go for a run (usually between 11:30am-12:30pm) so I’ll be looking for changes from that routine.


Another cup of coffee.


Stood up too quick and got a bit light headed, not really normal.


Had to restructure morning, went for run early, hopping on a zoom call in 5 minutes. Still no cannabis used today (besides chocolate) and I don’t really feel the need to.


Off the call. Going to conclude this review. This product gave me a very mild buzz in the background. Didn’t disturb my day or cause me to do anything that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. The chocolate taste was good; I wouldn’t say it converted me, but certainly didn’t repulse me.


Just turning on my vaporizer now. Still no cannabis, this is unusual.


From a taste perspective, I didn’t mind this at all. The effects were mild, but strong enough to offset my normal cannabis use by inhalation.

Qualitatively, I found it pretty good; but I don’t really know what I’m talking about. There were some bubbles. When I broke the segment it made a sound; probably about 1/3 of what you’d hear on a Kit-Kat commercial. I don’t know if that’s a fair comparison, Kit-Kat has wafers, and a song.

If I were to mention a negative about it; I had acid indigestion the day after, which is probably more of a comment about my water intake than it is anything else.

My priorities in this purchase are highly based on price and taste; cannabinoid content isn’t as relevant. Taste was ok, price is high compared to other non-cannabis chocolates.

Here’s the interesting note I’ll leave on: I mentioned purchasing this product to my significant other, who has never used cannabis. She asked me about it later; wanting to see, and smell it. There wasn’t a lot of interest, but there was some, and I think that’s the aim of a product like this.

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