Acadia (La Strada) by Organigram (Edison)

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Hey, it’s me, Organigram’s best customer, here for another review. This will be my 7th review of Organigram cannabis, apart from the marginally attractive, but seedy, Wabanaki, most of what we’ve seen from this producer has been compromised, forgettable junk.

Today we review Organigram’s Acadia or La Strada. This product was ordered the 3rd of February, received 5th of February, and opened 9th of February. The humidity pack was replaced inside the container, where it sat undisturbed until March 7th. Relative humidity was tracked using a cheap, uncalibrated hygrometer from February 9th to March 7th. Over the period of time, RH decreased from 42% to 26%, room RH was about 30% over the time period.

Grinding it now, well over half of the cannabis I’ve purchased from Organigram has been compromised by seeds, so I’ll inspect this closely.

Not surprised to see this Acadia contains seeds. The flowers grind to small particles, trichomes and dust, which releases a slight scent of musky berry. I’d tell you this amount of seeds is comparatively minimal but check the video below, you can decide for yourself.

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