Today we look at The Green Organic Dutchman’s first medical offering, it’s DNA Genetics’ LA Confidential but they call it Unite.

I reviewed this alongside Aurora’s LA Confidential, they call it Snowdome, and I wanted to provide my comparative observations first.

The Green Organic Dutchman product is visually superior in size and overall structure to Aurora’s LA Confidential, and the vast majority of cannabis I review.

Olfactory magnitude is similar on both versions but the Aurora product demonstrates a wider array of notes. In a blind test, I preferred the Aurora product.

The Green Organic Dutchman product was about 20% more expensive than the Aurora product.

Like I mentioned above, the LA Confidential was bred by DNA Genetics. It is a cross of an a nondescript Afghani and something called OG LA Affie, a famed Afghani cultivar popular the SoCal region. Although this offering doesn’t have the widespread popularity of a Blue Dream, I would say it does have a certain gravity for its medical properties.

Visually, it’s impressive. Colouring is shifted to darker greens with auburn pistils. The trim is meticulous but not gouging, this bud lacks any leaf but the jagged shape of the bud has been maintained. Many of the buds I received are large in size, some weighing over 1 gram.

The bud feels great, density is superb. It’s possible to compress smaller buds by hand, but the structure is observably robust.

Like most retail cannabis I review, the seed growth is observable, both within the grinds and by inspecting the exterior of the flower.

Here are the grinds, they have a fair amount of seeds in them.

The scent of these flowers grunt from the earth tones, it has a ton of depth in a short lateral space. There isn’t a large span of notes but they are wealthy.

Heat expands the flavours towards a bouquet of sweet florals and rancid fish. Anchored by the earths, the profile is two dimensional, slightly off-putting by the rancid notes, but more alluring due to the sweet florals. The character is an interesting dichotomy that I think this cultivar is best known for.

I found The Green Organic Dutchman version to be a more mannerly rendition of the cultivar, other versions LA Confidential can be blatantly offensive in the skunk tones. The earth centred tastes seen here are more polite, but still give a taste of the harder edges the profile has to offer.

Below, we look at cannabinoid and terpene content for producers that grow a LA Confidential. The Green Organic Dutchman version has a comparatively higher cannabinoid content and a respectable sum terpene content.

Price was $12 per gram in a 5 gram package. Although not flawless, the offering is arguably premium. From the robust structure to the slightly buttoned down tastes, there’s a lot to like here. By my measure, this price point is about a 33% premium over the current medical average but based on the visuals alone, I think you could make the case that this price point is competitive in the current market space.

Perhaps outside of the scope of this review, but still something consumers could find value in, this cannabis is associated with two organic certifications, as well as a certification for the way the building it was grown in was constructed. I personally didn’t perceive a benefit to quality from the fact it’s organic, or that the concrete trucks pouring the floor slab didn’t idle their engines for longer than necessary, it just seemed like well grown cannabis to me.

In summary, quality was excellent, you may have a different opinion depending how you rank the detailed visuals. Although priced well into the high side of the average, this bud has some worthwhile features. For the comparison with Aurora’s product, its so close I think it will come down to personal preference and how much emphasis consumers place on the the tertiary features of The Green Organic Dutchman product.

Thanks for reading. Next, we’ll look at Aurora’s version of LA Confidential, see you Monday.

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