After I completed the series of these reviews, I brought all the unused portions of these single grams over to my Mom’s house. She was hosting a group of people, all cannabis novices. They picked through all the bags, sensing the olfactory nuances between them and I sat to field any questions about them.

I said LA Cheese casts a wide funnel in the review, so at the risk of self affirmation, I’d say it also did well in the group setting. All found it attractive. Which I would tell you is a memorable feature of this flower. I certainly remembered how alluring it was, and completely forgot it was a $9 single gram.

Before we move past the first point; it’s LA Cheese, DNA Genetics, LA Confidential with a UK Cheese, likely a specialized cut. Tweed has some sort of deal with DNA Genetics, maybe they’ll grow it, and maybe it’ll actually be good. Could come from another producer too. You could also grow it yourself. And if those don’t work for you, the free market, ah, ah, finds a way.

When I wrote this last year, prices were dipping. Just averages, not yet in the single grams. Now when I go to write this intro, you can buy a $7 single gram in Alberta, of all places. The difference between the two offerings is $2, or 6 minutes of your time earning $20/hr, or just over a minute if you earn $100, and some might make the argument that amount of money or time is negligible.

Since neglecting to remember this is a value offering and having completed some reviews of legal value offerings priced less than this one, I begin to wonder: With respect to the price range consumers are conditioned to buy within, how low do you have to sink the price, before it becomes negligible? Especially on my most loved form of retail cannabis, the single gram, where variety is also a large modifier in the equation. And surely the answer is easy, it’s different for everyone.

As I encroach on calling both $7 and $9 negligible, there is always someone paying $3 and $5 to balk at the frivolousness of it. But both scenarios have minimums. I’d hypothesize there is a point, past the minimum you’ve established for yourself, where price becomes negligible and value becomes purely qualitative based. And when that happens I’ll have to quit writing these posts, as I most like to discuss price here. After that my stuff will just be pictures. And one liners about the olfaction, “this one’s like a car, this one’s like a truck, this one’s like a duck” etc.

Before we get into the review I should mention, I’ve had a tendency to be wowed by LA Confidential’s progeny. And you can allow that admission to modulate the relevance you place my opinion. I’d suggest them to you like some sort of Pokemon-type adventure, where you should go out into the wild and find them all, of which there are many. They all have different attributes. Some might be harder to spot than others, not all carry the LA name and not all were bred by DNA. But I just think it’s cool to see Grapefruit, OG Kush or UK Cheese through the lens of LA Confidential which, let’s be honest, can be rather disgusting in its olfaction, which I’m sure you know by now, is a compliment.

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