Kosher Kush

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Doing Kosher Kush here, bred by DNA.

Here’s a link to the story on how it was created, it’s interesting.

Buyer Motivation

Strain name and breeder


Shape is rounded, size is full. Surface detail is blurred by the amount of trim impressed back to it, iI cant tell what is trim and what is inflorescence. I also see a seed shell impressed at the side. Coverage looks above average, colouring is typical.


Feels good, makes heavy grinds that don’t seem to impact performance in the grinder.


The frontage starts as powdery earths, but transitions into a strange mix of dry cheese buzzing with fruit, chocolate and shaved cayenne round out the bottom, giving it the feel like it should be hot, but the profile doesn’t get there. Character is well defined. The allure is strange, and all the more coaxing.


Frontage is sweet cracked pepper, lime-grease in the middle, with a earthy resinous heat at the rear. Leaves a slight peppery floral tone on the palate. Character is warm, neutral and natural. Totally unlike any Kosher Kush I’ve experienced previously.

Value Statement

Single gram price was $8, I’d reflect good favour here but it’s leaning a touch lower than average for the package size. You can find lower and higher prices.


The profile was really likeable, and it makes a good impression because of that. But, if you have previous experience with Kosher Kush, you may find this profile unexpected.

Consumer Benefits

Unique profile, wondering if its Kosher Kush or unnamed substitution. The tastes are accessible.

Consumer Pains

Lack of familiar tastes. Surface details.


Strain name. Breeder name. Perhaps religious beliefs.


$220 ounce that you have to send a bank transfer for. Some may prefer a cheaper ounce that can be paid for with a credit card.

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