Hey pancakenap here. Doing Kootenay’s Finest Craft Cannabis Jellysickle.

This is the second in a of a pair of reviews. Both are for In house Genetics’ Jellysickle. Both are from a brand with Kootenay and Craft in the name. One is legacy and one in licensed.

We look at the licensed offering in this review.


Seedfinder calls Jellysickle a Purple Punch with a Jelly Breath.


Great looking buds. Nice colour and coverage. Great size on some. Trim is adequate but not perfect.


Feel is very good. Buds are firm and impress well. After 3 weeks at room RH (~35%) the buds still impress and return properly.


Sweet pine over sandy earths with a resinous grit. Prominence is low, you really have to drink it in to get the full character.


Tastes are benign fruit on the inhale, rather forgettable, but it sparkles on the exhale, leaving a rich finish that is both bright with fruit, and robust with low sweets. Again, pronunciation on the inhale lacks, but the dimension on the finish makes this worth seeing.


I bought this product mid-November 2021, it’s January 2022 now and I’d tell you the memory still holds up. There are a couple of facets from this purchase that stick out.

I remember when opening this package, the smell that came out first was like 1/10 decomposing grass clippings. Which isn’t appetizing but something you see sometimes in freshly packaged bud. The volatile notes passed quickly and I was left with an aromatic profile that was very expressive in the finish, likely my most prominent memory of it. As I used the contents over the next month, I found the finish began to dwindle, and by the end it had lost most of its dazzle. So if I were to revisit this offering I’d keep it in a jar. 


Price for the eighth was $32.00, or $9.14 per gram, which is slightly below the average of my 3.5g purchases. My feel on that price is it’s about average for the quality you get. With respect to similar quality from the legal market, you could argue it’s better than average.

With respect to the previous review of Jellysickle, which was priced at $5.37 for double the amount. Accounting for the difference in package size (~-25% of upper price) bring the difference between the two to about a buck per gram.

Jellysickle Reviews

In terms of quality between the pair of Jellysickle reviews, overall quality on the previous review was better, but not substantially and the product wasn’t tested and also included hair + seed. That’s probably the objective brass tacks in the two Jellysickle purchases.

It’d be difficult for me to make a distinction between the two offerings without mentioning this load of powdery mildew I received from the vendor of the product in the previous review. So if I had to pick one Jellysickle to buy again, I’d go to the vendor that’s shipped me the least amount of PM.

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