Hey pancakenap here, with a review of Seed Junky’s Kush Mints, as grown by Kootenay Living Soil Collective.

I have a pair of these Kush Mint reviews coming up this week. I purchased two similar offerings of the same name and breeder. And I reviewed them within a short time period of each other.


Bred by Seed Junky, the lineage here is Bubba Kush x Animal Mints


I called visuals good. My 3.5g package was comprised of 2 large buds. Everything you want is there; good development, coverage and colouring. Trim looks to be done by hand, and becomes sloppy in the internal nodes of the buds. Stigma is a mix of bright orange and nascent green/white.


Soft feel. The buds impress well with good bounce back.


Scent is pungent vanilla, slight citrus, with sweet earths.


Tastes is sweet vanilla dough over gingered earth with a pungent finish . The profile lacks magnitude in certain sections due to the nature of the taste. Despite that, the detail of taste is flawless. You get to taste every little secondary note in the profile.


Quality was excellent and I thought it was a great rendition of the popular cultivar.


Price is the interesting part of the Kush Mint reviews; both were ‘high end’ offerings, purchased on sale or using a discount code.

This offering was sourced from a legacy vendor (Hill Side Pharms) for $40.40, or $11.54 per gram. Actual retail price before the (30%) discount was $52.52 or about $15 per gram.

I’d tell you $50-60 per eighth is well on the high-side of the market for this package size. Even with the top notch quality we saw here, calculated value will be average at best.

Kush Mints

Thanks for reading this review. Check out the next review of Kush Mints from Seed Junky; Kush Mints by Qwest Reserve.



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