Hey pancakenap here. Doing Kootenay Craft Collective Jellysickle.

This is the first in a pair of reviews. Both are for In house Genetics’ Jellysickle. Both are from a brand with Kootenay and Craft in the name. One is legacy and one in licensed.

We look at the legacy offering in this review.


Quick aside, I found a hair in the package during this review. When I find a visual issue like this I decrease my rating in the visual column. I do not complain to the vendor or seek a refund. Instead, I mention the issue in the review and note I have not given the vendor a chance to rectify the issue before or after the review was written.


Seedfinder calls Jellysickle a Purple Punch with a Jelly Breath.


Found hair and seed inside the package. The hair was not pubic, the seed was not mature; glass half full, I’d say. Either way visuals are bad, so now I don’t have to write as much.

Buds look good with nice conical shape and excellent trichome coverage.


Buds are firm, compressing slightly when pinched, with immediate return.


Smell is wealthy berry and cherry with fuzzy edges that near parmesan cheese. The bottom rounds out with smooth and smokey earths with heavy influence from the cherry top. Dimension is great, pronunciation is better than good.


Central on the tastes is new pine, blunted by sweet jelly and smokey earth, which are gassy, tickling the sinus upon exhale. Much of the character resides in the finish, which is chewy resin with wealthy floral tones.


Despite the condition of the package (hair and seeds), I don’t mind saying I found good value here. I thought the quality was above average at least.


Price for a quarter ounce was $37.60, with bulk discount. That’s $5.37 per gram. With respect to the past 5 years of price averages in the market, I’m conditioned to feel like this is a good deal. With respect to the latest 2022 trends in Canadian Cannabis prices, something in the $5 per gram range for a quarter feels pretty regular. 


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