Looking at Kolab’s live resin product here today. This is ICC THCA Diamonds.

This is listed as a hydrocarbon extraction, it’s a live resin product but they talk more about THCA and Diamonds in the product description. And you can see when you look at this, it’s different than the live resin product we reviewed yesterday.


Opaque crystals, about 1 cm in diameter at their largest, 2 millimetres at their smallest. Colouring is amber, which is even throughout the crystals.


You can pick them up by hand, they’re not wet


Scents are present, but fairly nondescript. It has a peppery element with a sweet gassy backer with firm pine in the midrange. I wouldn’t be able to tell what strain this is if it wasn’t on the side of the package.


Tastes are creamy pine in low amount with a little bit of pepper. Although the prominence of the profile is low, the tastes are smooth without any off putting element that shouldn’t be there.


Price is $49.99 per gram, which is competitive within the dabbable concentrate category from the place I purchased this from.


Makes a great impression. It’s a strong product and brings good tastes.

The value is notable in relation to the other diamond product I have in this dataset, Albert Walker Diamonds by Poncho Farms, which was priced at $89.99, on sale.

From reviewing market data, I see listings for cheaper diamond product available, so we’ll look at that next, and see if the product quality maintains as the price decreases.

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