Reviewed this one 5th of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March.

No set protocol with these reviews. I make sensory observations about the product only.

Consumer Report

In lieu of price and content calculations based on my small purchase dataset, check this link for a report that covers all chocolate products from a consumer’s perspective. 


Has a sweet cherry pop-like smell


The only chocolate that broke.

Has some crystals, or opaque solid in the chocolate.

Some type of residue showing on the back of the chocolate.


Snaps easily. Seems weak.


Taste is sweet cherry, like liquorice. Chocolate material reacts with saliva to bubble and pop, sometimes violently. Chocolate is more milky than bitter, blends well with the cherry tastes. Very sweet, more candy like. Doesn’t last as long on the palate.


The pop rock novelty wears off before the chocolate does. I felt this was a hybrid candy, the tastes aren’t purely chocolate. Some visual elements that weren’t up to par.

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