Kings Choice Peppered Beef Jerky

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I grew up with two brothers. When good food came into the house, you ate it, quickly, before you couldn’t because someone else did.

Now, 20 years later, I’m an overweight adult with no self control. On top of that, I live with a dietician, so it’s a balance of pretending to hold portion control in priority, and burying receipts for double Bid Macs a few layers into the garbage so she doesn’t find them. But she always does, causally asking how lunch was, like poker player holding a straight flush.


I write this in Canada, based on my interest in cannabis retail products. And I’m particularly interested in making comparisons between the new wave of legal products, and the legacy products that came before, of which this Peppered Beef Jerky is the latter.


We don’t yet have a legal Beef Jerky product to compare to but our legal gummy and chocolate products have a limit of 10mg THC. You’ll see below, the content of this package is 150mg THC, or 15 times the legal limit.

It’s never a hill I want to die on but, I don’t mind the 10mg limit, for safety. But I might be the type of person the law is in place for. Case in point, I’m only a few paragraphs into writing this, and I’ve already eaten all this Peppered Beef Jerky.


I’m no BJ aficionado, but I am Beef Jerky aware. I like Longview Streakhouse, which is near me, or Stawnichy’s when I’m visiting the in-laws up north. I’d also throw in Buck Thorntons in Sedona, AZ for when you need something to do while someone gets their palm read. Those are my top 3.

The package says ‘AAA beef’ but I’d still call the quality on this Jerky is subpar, I don’t think I’m insulting anyone by saying that. This isn’t the same as the brands I’ve mentioned above, there might even be gas station Peppred Beef Jerky that looks better. This product is more akin to snapping into a Slim Jim; which can still be fun if you’re 10 and it’s recess, or if the Macho Man is coaching you. 

There was also a white fibre at the bottom of the package, you can see it when zooming into the bottom right of the photos. I just picked it off after I took the photos.

Still, the allure of Beef Jerky still comes across; it’s salty, and sinuous. You can chew it for a while, like its shredded chewing tobacco. That’s why I probably prefer this more than I like a gummy or chocolate; I tend to keep it on the palate longer, to savour the taste.


Package cost of this item was $19, which is about the price of a pound of really good Beef Jerky from Stawnichy’s. Longview is a bit more expensive, but in the same ballpark.

Sauce and Savoury

I’m enthusiastic about this product; at some point I’d love to see a pound of infused Beef Jerky available from a legal producer.

Something I expect to see sooner is a sauce, like a bbq sauce, or hot sauce. Perhaps even something that’s meant to be cooked with, like a pre-made butter chicken sauce. Something like a concentrated glaze that I could add cannabinoid content to a cooked steak, or a Beef Jerky, in a way that accompanies the food; which you wouldn’t get from a MCT oil.

Culinary services is another possible area I’m looking to for a product like this. Infused dinners take the experience of eating this beef jerky to a whole new level, but its less of a retail consumable, and more of an experience. Or maybe it’s a lunch and learn where you learn how to make your own sauce from a retail starting material, like an isolate or honey oil, which might be my next step.


So there it is; inconsequentially hairy Beef Jerky, for $19.

Loved the idea of product, but I’d argue the allure comes from the grade of beef, not the milligrams of cannabinoids contained.

Which has me wondering when a comparable legal product will come, hopefully with better quality beef. And it left me wondering if it wouldn’t be better to have a sauce product, to add to savoury dishes on my own.

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